I'm starting high school .-.

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Khelly wrote:

Aurani wrote:

Well, even if he theoretically was, what about it?
It's funny and I laugh when I see CFDA posts.
they're funny until you realize they're genuine
I laugh because I think they're genuine!
you're a sick bastard

Mr Color wrote:

you're a sick bastard
Coming from you that meansa lot thanks
Have you been bullied yet
Tsuda Yoshikazu
highschool is very nightmare
don't worry im not suicidal lmfao

it's the new meta that has developed for humor

view things like Sad Screenshots Taken Out of Context. Emulating misery is humorous nowadays due to the extreme nature of it and its disjunctness with the rest of the content in any given area
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Update: I completed my first year of high school. I did not get bullied. Everything went by so fast omg. I also made lots of friends who probably wont stick around. Now I am attending high school as a sophomore :')) I love the support and did not expect this post/thread thing to blow up. I cringe whenever I read my first post because I was going through that "rawr" phase (*cringes*). I would like for this post/thread to die out. much love.
Worst FL Player
everyone will tell you, you will miss school when older, even from my point I wish I was back in school :(
High school is fine.
I just started my first job last Wednesday, I already miss school.
Having money is gonna be nice I guess...
be sure to look at your back because sometime there a sign say KICK ME

faiswusuf wrote:

be sure to look at your back because sometime there a sign say KICK ME
Good ol' days. And "IM GAY" stuffs

L-a-m-e-y [ B ] wrote:

everyone will tell you, you will miss school when older, even from my point I wish I was back in school :(
I don't miss school. Maybe you just have a bad life but that is totally on you.
I feel like I'll always miss school no matter what age I'm in. It's a significant part of my life and it had a place into molding who I am today. I'll be looking forward to reunions when I get older.

I don't think that just because you have a bad life that you end up missing school, but I assume that's not really what you mean.
Looking back at good times and even missing them is totally ok. I can relate to this feeling personally and I think that there is nothing wrong with it. The opposite in fact, it's a good thing. It's proof that you had good times, so that's something to be happy about.

But if you wish with all your heart that things return to the state they were at, then maybe that is a sign that you should stop to look at the past and start to work on the present.

It's a fine distinction, but an important one. Nostalgia can be both sweet and paralyzing.

Also, I really really hate the sentiment that "[x] is the best time of your life". I heard that so often in countless variations:
- your childhood is the best time of your life
- Highschool is the best time of your life
- Uni is the best time of your life

I can't help but think that people who say stuff like this are just bitter about their own life and desperately want to get back to whatever [x] is to them. There are too many people who have this attitude.
The simple truth is: ALL of life can be great, if you go right about it.
fun fact:

on my first day of high school, i was walking to class in an unfamiliar school and not knowing anyone around me. i'm looking at my schedule while walking down the hallway trying to make sure i know where to go for 2nd period. not paying attention, all of a sudden i bump into the girl in front of me who had stopped, and instantly she starts attacking the girl in front of her and they get into an intense fight, throwing punches, pulling hair, etc.

looking back it was something funny that didn't involve me at all, but it's a word of advice that you gotta pay attention to your surroundings and watch what's going on, especially early on.
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