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Was a little too slow for me. :oops:

Download: Nobuo Uematsu - Terra's Theme (Armin) [Wanderer Of Time].osu
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Card N'FoRcE wrote:

Title: Terra's Theme. (as Xgor said lol)

Armin, for the second time wrote:

The main pg in the japanese version is called Tina and in the american one, it's called Terra.
dato che sei stata la seconda persona a segnalarlo, fixo
non vorrei che altri ancora me lo segnalassero.

I thought it was called Tina/Terra too. Then I found this in a FFwiki

(ティナのテーマ Tina no Tēma) "Terra's Theme"

Anyways, if its not too late to be asking to make a guest difficulty, pm me or something.
Sorry, Hitsounds took me a while ^^'.
Here it is :D

Download: Nobuo Uematsu - Terra's Theme (Armin) [Xero].osu
Time for some timing fixes:

Xero's Magicite
BPM: 160.22 Offset: 6,046

Wanderer of Time Not all bass notes were in time properly, so timing this one was a bit awkward. These should work though.
BPM: 160.45 Offset: 267
BPM: 160.55 Offset: 116,938

Death on the Snowfield
BPM: 152.00 Offset: 3,980
ignore this:
Combo colors?

00:50:983 (3,4,5,6) - Just make the slider a repeat ending on 00:51:732. Doesn't sound right with the song
01:23:565 (3,4,5,6) - Not snapped correctly
01:29:557 (3,4,5,6) - ^

lower volume? x_X and SOME hitsounds?

lower volume just a tad too.
add some hitsounds... or somethingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
like on the bass of 02:09:899 (1) at 02:10:293. You can find some custom hitsound and play with the volume. You can also use some kinda variation of quiet soft whistles or something. But it sounds REALLY dull. Definately can add something at 02:22:925 - and such

All looks nice though.. I would really like to see some kinda hitsounds added >_>
Nice Song

Oh oh. My favorite versions of the song! Have a star! (Yes, just like that.) I won't even play the map! I'll just listen to them all day!
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