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Should we remove scoreboards from qualified beatmaps?

12.23% 334
22.95% 627
Keep them but don't reward performance points until ranked
64.82% 1771
Total votes: 2732
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The intention of having scoreboards on qualified maps was to allow players to play the maps and then report back issues they found with it, but after several months of testing, the only result of having scoreboards on these maps is huge drama and complaints from players who lose their scores when a map is disqualified. Internally we are considering removing scoreboards to avoid the backlash when a map is disqualified to improve the quality of life for everyone.

What do you guys think? Reply with feedback if you have more to say than just a poll choice.

TO BE CLEAR: Qualified is the state a map is in for 7 days before being ranked, during which it can be disqualified should any issues be found.
Nice, I see. I'd like to see them stay until the map is ranked.
Perhaps a message stating "your score won't count until this map is officially ranked" or something.
There should be a clearer indication in-game if the map is qualified or ranked imo.
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