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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, August 23, 2010 at 5:38:24 PM

Artist: Groove Coverage
Title: Poison (Nightcore Remix)
Tags: Alice Cooper Dance Techo Chipmunk Voice adron zhero sadkangaroo
BPM: 168.91
Filesize: 3202kb
Play Time: 02:22
Difficulties Available:
  1. Adron Zhero's Poison (4.93 stars, 357 notes)
  2. Easy (1.94 stars, 161 notes)
  3. Normal (3.65 stars, 239 notes)
  4. SK's Insomnia (4.94 stars, 355 notes)

Download: Groove Coverage - Poison (Nightcore Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Nightcore - Poison

Original by Groove Coverage.

Awesome beats + music.

Redownload after 8/22/10 (new SB)!
Wow. Awesome map!!


00:26:881 (3): slider goes off the edge. same with all of this pattern
00:35:051 (blank): maybe and a note here?
01:29:399 (1): I'm not sure that normal should have jumps.
01:43:430 (1-7): spacing

really fun to play!
nothing found.

star + kudosu star.
I love this map + song!

Well, ur mp3 sample ain't good. Try to obtain a better one.
U need a easier diff.

>>OD +3
My type of music :P
Delete osb file in the folder and do full submit
Use some more curved sliders on easy and normal?
I would end the third kiai time at 02:22:326 before the spinner
stack leniency kinda low, might want to increase it?
make sure that all timing sections that change the audio are placed 1/4 before, I might of missed some

add some clap hitsounds
00:36:293 (1) - slightly short for an easy, any other way to do this?
00:43:931 - add note
00:51:568 (1) - move to 00:51:390
00:54:409 (1) - move to 00:54:587
00:55:475 (3) - move to 00:55:298
00:55:653 - add note
01:36:148 (5) - add note
01:41:831 (6) - add note
01:59:770 (1) - move to 01:59:592
02:02:611 (1) - move to 02:02:789
02:03:677 (3) - move to 02:03:500
02:03:855 - add note

move 01:27:622 timing section 1/4 earlier?
move 01:34:194 timing section 1/4 earlier
00:01:660 (1,3,4,1) - align
00:10:895 (2,3) - stack on the previous "1"
00:34:340 (1) - add note?
00:38:602 (1,3,4,1) - align
00:47:838 (2,3) - stack on the previous "1"
01:30:109 (3) - move this so it isn't under the previous slider

too much copy and paste is noticeable here sometimes, not a good thing (at the first half)
move 00:49:259 timing section 1/4 earlier
nice map

Umm...offset later?

00:36:116(1)-try make it longer.This spinner is too shrt for easy diff.
fine.But you need more hitsounds like Normal;_;

00:20:131(x)-add a circle?
;_; I think this Normal is too hard

seem fine~
I agree James2250
too much copy and paste.You should change something at last~

nice map KD starミ★
Added Hitsounds...
I object to your keyboard D<
Stop stalking me kthxbai

+1 star because of our similarities? :P
Your artist should be Groove Coverage, and your title should be Poison (Nightcore Mix). Add Alice Cooper to tags, he made the original.

00:14:447 - Kiai goes here, not 00:14:625. (Preview point goes here too)
00:51:390 - Kiai goes here, not 00:51:568.
01:59:592 - Kiai goes here, not 01:59:770


01:22:649 (3,4) - Spacing.


This is stupid and overmapped.


Move everything back 2 beats.
Hello Djnn.

I felt in love with this song,so I decided to make a guest diff.

Please,accept it.

Download: stuff.rar

Don't forget to paste ALL files inside to the beatmap folder.

And don't forget to add me to tags in ALL difficulties.

I'll come to mod your difficulties as soon as it'll be possible.

Have fun.


SK's Insomnia:
>Put SadKangaroo's Insane or SadKangaroo's Hard.
>1:660 to 10:540: Those hitsounds need to be changed, they are not fiting the song.
>38:602 to 48:904: ^
>1:26:912 to 1:31:530: ^

adron zhero wrote:



SK's Insomnia:
>Put SadKangaroo's Insane or SadKangaroo's Hard.lol.
>1:660 to 10:540: Those hitsounds need to be changed, they are not fiting the song.They fit perfectly.
>38:602 to 48:904: ^ ^
>1:26:912 to 1:31:530: ^ ^
Delete .osb file from the beatmap folder.
Add "adron zhero" and "sadkangaroo" to Tags.

00:10:895 (x) - No way for using 0.5x(2x) in Easy.
00:10:895 (2) - End it at 00:11:606 and start spinner from 00:11:961.
00:14:447 - End spinner here,because you need a note at this point.
00:18:000 - Add a note?
00:20:486 - ^
00:26:347 (1) - End it at 00:28:301,at least the rhytm won't be that broken.
01:14:124 (x) - Remove 0.5x
02:18:774 (7) - Remove clap.

00:17:477 (1) - Jumps in Normal?
00:38:967 (2) - 1 grid down?
00:39:856 (3,4) - ^
01:30:474 (1) - It's annoying,change to slider.

Don't have much to say...

[Adron Zhero's Poison]
00:31:498 (2) - It's not alligned.
00:35:050 (3,4) - 2 grid up to make it simmetrical?
01:31:175 (4) - Too close.1 grid down.

sad kangaroo
Please,type as I asked before - "sadkangaroo".My nickname is joint,as you can see.
I think you need an epilepsy warning?

Why is Rin in the SB. This isn't Fate/stay night.
Also, why is she strobing twice as fast?

Tags: you spelled "Techno" wrong

whyyy are all the notes so close together? It just makes it harder to play.

So I'm going to guess that [Poison] is Hard and [Insane] and [Insomnia] are Insane? ._.

aah deathstreams

nice diff

maybe lower the drain? during the part with less notes, my HP bar was steadily dropping.
This is a nice diff, too.
Note: All suggestions should be tested .


Tag spam??


That leaf right near the girl doesn't look right to me. You can easily see that the stem is going right into her hair and not from the background.

Also could you cut the girls hair a little better around the parts where it is flowing down. It is noticably choppy and where the tip is you can see a hole in her hair that would never occur naturally.

Too many insanes to be ranked. All the insanes are so well made though. I can't imagine getting rid of one of them. Maybe they will give you a break.


Too lenient?? Increase the drain by 1-2 and give the beginners a little more points.

00:48:992 - Add a spinner that ends here 00:51:390 - ???

00:53:521 (2) - Make this a reverse slider like note 1? Reposition the notes after it. I'm not sure how well it could work. It needs testing.

02:05:986 - Add note
02:06:727 - Add note

Reasoning: That whole section is harder to hit without these notes. It feels like an anti jump without the notes. I can't imagine an easy player who isn't a mindless beat hitter easily making it through that gap when the vocals make you think, okay what sound will I get to hit?

Might want to consider adding a note here too. 01:59:947 -


00:35:060 (3,4,5) - Breaks flow IMO. Vocal/beat combination doesn't play too well and sort of crashes into the next stack.

My suggestion is to move 00:35:405 (5) - to 00:35:583 - and stack it on note 6. I think it plays much closer to the beat with respect to the vocals that way.

01:12:003 (3,4) - Stack breaks flow IMO. Space out like this?


01:34:204 (1,2) - Awkward to play. I suggest you move left until 1 stacks under the previous note. I think it plays 10 times better.


(Well made.)

00:16:223 (7,8,9,10,11) - Stacking improperly. Not sure why.

00:44:641 (1,2,1,2,3,1,2,3) - Stacking independently. Move the pink combo down and right 1 unit to fix stacking problem. Move the green one down 2 units and right 1 unit to complete the stacking fix. This should stack all the notes where they are supposed to be.

00:50:147 (5,6,7) - Move down and right 1 unit to fix stacking problem.
00:50:857 (9,10,11) - ^

01:18:653 (1) - Extend to 01:20:340 -

01:21:939 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - Move up 1 unit (spacing discrepancy 2,3)

01:24:070 (7,8,9) - Stacking improperly. Shift 8 and 9 with grid snap off until the stack issue is fixed.

Adron Zhero's Poison

Fine. also well made.

SK's Insomnia

01:06:842 (1,2,3) - Stacking improperly. I don't think there's really much you can do about it though :/

01:46:094 (3,4) - This sounds like three half notes and not a note and a slider. Eh if you can't make it work it doesn't matter all that much.

Hard for me to mod.

Star of course. Such a well made map, but kind of made me feel dirty by listening to it.

TheVileOne wrote:

Note: All suggestions should be tested .
The only I have to say is:
Djnn,the only modders you SHOULD listen are BATs.

P.S. Way too overmodded,dude.

Dusty wrote:

maybe lower the drain? during the part with less notes, my HP bar was steadily dropping. Yep,maybe a bit.Reduced by 1 tick.
This is a nice diff, too.

Download: Nightcore - Poison (Djnn) [SK's Insomnia].osu


SadKangaroo wrote:

The only I have to say is:
Djnn,the only modders you SHOULD listen are BATs.
I know, I don't always take mods from people. I do check, but I don't always like their mods XD

SadKangaroo wrote:

TheVileOne wrote:

Note: All suggestions should be tested .
P.S. Way too overmodded,dude.
All I said was that you shouldn't take my requests unless you test them out for yourself. Some people take my suggestions and regardless if it made their beatmap better or not, accepted my change. I make mistakes to and you should only take my suggestions if you truly feel it makes the beatmap play better.

Oh and there is no such thing as overmodding.

TheVileOne wrote:

Oh and there is no such thing as overmodding.
Go say that one to SFG d:

TheVileOne wrote:

Oh and there is no such thing as overmodding.
Hey, i said that D:
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