The Maple Cup 2015

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Hello, and welcome to the very first Maple Cup! This is a 2-stage direct invitational tournament for osu!Standard Canadian players.

Playoffs Date: August 21st-23rd
Group Stage Date: August 14th-17th
Final Seeding Date: August 7th

Maple Tourney Stats

Maple Cup 2015 Results

1st Place: Azer

2nd Place: Xenbo

3rd Place: Bowlglet

Map Pools

5 no-mod, 3 HD/HR/DT, 2 free-mod, 1 tiebreaker

Suggest maps here!


These are subject to change before the tournament starts.

  1. The tournament will consist of 1v1 matches.
  2. Each match, your multiplayer room will consist of one referee.
  3. You can choose any map pertaining to the round itself.
  4. You cannot choose a map that has already been picked.
  5. Match scheduling will be heavily regulated by the tournament staff.
  6. Failure to show up at the agreed time will result in a loss.
  7. Subsequent failures to show up for matches will result in disqualification.
  8. Selection of mod-specific brackets is limited. Each player can only select one map from each mod-restricted bracket during match. This means that each player can pick 1 HardRock, 1 Hidden and 1 DoubleTime map during the match.
  9. Selection of mod-inspecific brackets is unlimited. This means that each player can pick any & all no-mod/free-mod maps.
  10. Tiebreaker maps will allow freemod.
  11. Respect the tournament staff, your fellow competitors, and yourselves enough to put forth your absolute best effort.
  1. Round-robin bo7 matches
  2. Default seeding based on Performance Points (PP)
  3. 4 groups of 4 players
  4. Overall ties are settled by Games Won (GW) - Games Lost (GL)
  5. Bottom player from each group is eliminated
  6. Top player from each group skips first round of the Playoffs
  1. Double Elimination
  2. A player that loses in the Upper Bracket drops to the Lower Bracket
  3. A player that loses in the Lower Bracket is eliminated
  4. Top player from each group in the Group Stage skips first round of the Playoffs
  5. Upper & Lower Bracket Finalists compete in the Grand Finals
  6. Upper Bracket Finalist Winner will have their choice of first pick for both warm-ups and the match itself.
  7. Semi-finals are bo9
  8. Finals are bo11

Referee Guide

  1. Create the room with the appropriate Match title.
  2. Save the link to the multiplayer history.
  3. Set the match to Team Vs mode.
  4. Remain host during all map picks (excluding warmups if necessary) and use the multiplayer chat to take each player's requests.
  5. Do not skip the intro and do not participate in the match.
  6. Screenshot (Shift+F12) the results of each match.
  7. Create a post containing the match title, history, and screenshots afterwards.


  1. Organizers: YodaSnipe & [Toy]
  2. Referees: Lanturn, - [ U z z I ] -, [Toy], pooptartsonas
  3. Streamers: YodaSnipe
  4. Map Selectors: Trust & captin1


  1. First Prize: 1 Year Supporter + A Profile Badge Image
  2. Second Prize: 6 Months Supporter
  3. Third Prize: 3 Months Supporter
I'm from canada
As am I sign me up
Topic Starter
I am Singaporean
Whats a maple cup?
Whatever could you be talking about

ţh€ ʍąρℓ€ ȼµρ
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dude nice
how long do we get to enter? I'm not sure if I can yet
Yoda can i seduce you with my voice for free wins ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
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Mariya wrote:

how long do we get to enter? I'm not sure if I can yet
Direct invitational only sorry man, maybe next time.

YodaSnipe wrote:

Mariya wrote:

how long do we get to enter? I'm not sure if I can yet
Direct invitational only sorry man, maybe next time.
well, that solve it
Can I directly invite Mariya he seems cool
Mariya doesn't get an invite? wtffff
lol, it's fine, as I said I don't even know if I could yet.
Also, a Canadian tournament could very well be 32 people since everyone so close. It's not like I'm gonna be the only one missing.

Anyway, good luck to everyone <3
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