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BOYSTYLE - Kokoro no Chizu

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HappyRocket88 wrote:

[/centre][/notice][Guy's Insane]
  1. 00:04:267 (1) Add a whistle over the slider's end to emphasize the vocals better. - didn't sounding some drums here, keep it.
  2. 00:15:858 (1,2) While I was playing this, this was a bit confusing because you didn't managed such as hidden stacks in the previous patterns. It doesn't play bad but i think it would flow better if you did something like this - changed
  3. 00:21:995 (4,5) This is just a personal suggestion, but I think it could have had a better rhythm if you have tried a flow that emphasizes rather the blue ticks as you did before. For example. - i prefer the current one.
  4. 00:24:835 (11) Overmapped. There's no 1/4 sound over the blue tick. Besides, you already used two triplets before as well as you did here 00:19:495 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) , so it would have more sense if you kept consistency and remove that note. - It doesn't overmapped. this sound like 1/6 rhythm but i can use 1/4 triplet as simplification.
  5. 00:57:449 (1) This slider doesn't play bad, but I think you shouldn't miss such as an important beat as this one 00:57:676 with a slider reverse. what about ifd you emphasize that strong beat with the beginning of a slider and place a note before it? like this - sorry but i like this pattern
  6. 00:59:949 (3) This is a nazi suggestion, but I think it would be better if you stack this slider over this circle 00:59:267 (5) as well as you did with 00:59:495 (1) and 00:58:358 (3) to keep the DS consistency here. - fixed
  7. 01:27:676 (1) NC here? Just to have consistency with the NC combing pattern you managed during the whole set. - already added nc here.
Thank you for modding :)
ok! Umi, Please change that rate :)
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okay, everything updated ~
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thx happy! 👌
yay :D
also congratulations for alacat for his 100 GD ranked. :o
Thanks \:3/
Congratz! Especially for alacat for her 100th ranked GD
Memories.... ;w;
Oh wow. Congrats alacat!

Also umi too. Cool to see this qualified after some years :p
gratz :D
classic song \:D/
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Thx everyone :3/
Oh yes yes yes, Thanks for this song <3 I love you xD /me crazy asdasdhg

Gratz Umi-senpai :3
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