Tramorio-Open osu! Tournament Rank #10,000 - #50,000[CLOSED]

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So, first things first. My Name is Maurice 'CrsTramorio' and I'd like to hold an tournament over the next weeks. Somewhere in between. I have practically no experience in this case, tho I saw some people hold some and I know how to handle it. Shout out to tbag188.

Now to the hot part of this. Under these sentences are boxes. Open them to see everything you need. Feel free to message me and ask questions if you have some.

I'm in talkings to maybe arrange a prize! (coming soon) If I can't find a solution with osu!Staff I will sponsor a month Supporter for the Winner.

EDIT: Google Docs

When there are more than 16 or more than even 32 I will enlarge the Groupphase!

Rules for the Tournament:

Tournament is going to be played in Groupstage and after that seeded into Single Elimination Brackets. Google Docs coming soon.
Tournament is held on the 1st and 2nd of August (both 18:00 GMT), therefore the Number of Participants won't be too high. I'd like to have 16 people in it, could be more when more people want to play in it. Up to 32 and 64.
1st of August Groupphase, 2nd of August Elimination
Room gets created by players, lock it with a password and send Multiplayer Link from Banchobot to me. If anything is wrong, invite me to the lobby.
10 Minutes limit for not showing up. Automatic forfeit then.
Disrespecting results in Disqualification as well as being under Rank #10.000 and over Rank #50.000.
After applying to the tournament you can have #1000 Ranks tolerance before disqualification.
BanchoBot Roll decides who goes first with bans and picks. Bans must be told to me. 2 bans each at all times.
You need to atleast play 1 ModMap per Round. Meaning, in a Best of 3, 1 Map is NoMod, 1 is Mod, 1 is Tiebreaker for example. You can pick 2 of each Pool when your in Semifinals!
FreeMod needs to be with Mods. You decide on what mods you use.
1 WarmUp Map per Player. It can be skipped if both players agree.
Groupphase everyone plays against everyone in a group. 4 Players in a group. Best of 3.
Quarterfinals (and Round of 16) are Best of 5.
Semifinalse are Best of 7 and Finals are Best of 9.

Could need maybe Refs, maybe a streamer. If your interested to do such things contact me!

CrsTramorio - Host
[Michiru] - Referee
Rank: #21,695
Country: Poland
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