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10/24/15 Re-opened queue and changed everything up, sorry if you requested a mod before but I didn't get to it. (If you were one of those people you can message me and I'll mod a map of yours.

NM status: Closed
M4M status: Open

Read these first:

  1. First of all, if you have ranked maps, do not post here. I am still new to modding so this queue is for me to practice.
  2. One map per post! Just post the link.
  3. Your beatmap must have at least 2 completed difficulties.
  4. Make sure you map has reasonable quality.
  5. I'll mod what I want, but if you specify a difficulty I'll try to mod that.
  6. I will take my time if need be.
  7. If your map is already really good I won't mod it since I can't help much.
  8. Song choice doesn't really matter. (Unless HoneyWorks)
  9. Any song from HoneyWorks will have high priority and I'll most likely mod it.
  10. I would prefer drain time ranging from 1:00 to 3:00, anything higher will have less priority.
  11. Include the words, "Rare Drop" into your post.
  12. Also make sure you check the status to see if it's open.
  13. If I don't choose your map, no worries ^^

  1. Nothing much, just mod my map, post here and I'll get to modding your map!
  2. I'll try to mod in the same length as your mod.
  3. Please check if the M4M status is open before posting. (Although it will most likely not be closed)

    1. TV Size 5 Difficulties Afilia Saga - Neptune*Sagashite
    Trying to get a couple of more mods before I start moving this map along~
    2. Somewhat new map, just no mods. Marathon. BACK-ON - with you [Tales of Remix]

I'm still new(to modding), so I apologize if my mods are shit.

That is all!
Yo! Good luck with this queue!

Thanks in advance~!
Hi~ :)
it's 5 min drain time, but only 1 diff going for approve, thanks!!
- Milhofo -
Hi ~

Good luck and have fun modding :D

2:01 (3 diffs)
NM plz, Thanks :)
Hi there
Thanks in advance
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Open for 1 more Slot

I'll mod all the maps above this post, hopefully this weekend or next week.

edit: 1 free slot
Hello and GL with your queue~ Here is a request :D

Ignore the SP, all diffs were recently remapped. Thanks in advance!
hmm well, let's try my luck

in case you reject above map. thanks in advance!
Normal mod, thanks in advance.
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mhm, choosing is hard~ *^*


- added by [Sc4v4ng3r] to list.
Hi :3
I need mod for this map pls
Thank you ;w;
According to first post, it is 4/5, which means open right?

pishi's Extra :3 (5:23 drain for approval)

In case it is not open, just ignore
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Up and running again, truly sorry if I accepted yours in the past but did not get to it.

hi, nm

rare drop which is weed

Hey man, I found this rare drop on WoW today! But anyway can you mod my map please?

Thanks in advance
Hello. Requesting a Normal Mod for

Thanks for the opportunity, and I hope you like this rare drop of sunshine!
B r o k e n

a rare drop in Aura Kingdom can get me rich $.$
p/4613809#p4613809 im so sorry that i could barely find anything
i tried my best Dx

here is my map

thank you!

What is a rare drop??
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