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~How To Make Your Own Levels On Different Peoples Beatmaps~

1. Firstly you gotta find someone who wants help with their beat map (like you).

2. Then you gotta decide what difficulty you are gonna map (easy,normal,hard). Make sure the main mapper (the person that needed help) agrees with your difficulty.

3. Now you are gonna map the difficulty. Make sure your difficulty is timed right.

4. Now send the difficulty to the main mapper (the person that needed help).

Then your done! ;)
If there is something wrong about this post then please reply to me. Ill edit it. 8-)
Also I am interested in helping you but I don't know what song to help u with. :?:)
Rather offer .osz files creating them by going into the editor, click on the file tab and click on "export package" and uploading your files on a sharing website such as Dropbox or puush. it's quite useless to have the songs without any timing nor settings.

Also, you may want to check 56 if you have questions in mapping.
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