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Map feels a lot better to play now, great job Slick (and modders) :)
? dang
rip midge (again)
gz Slick!
oh wow nice one slick this actually happened
Cherry Blossom
Not a placeholder post.
I'll just give a try to this map too :3
Congrats, glad to see this qualified😄
Congrats Slick, this map has come a long way.

I envy your determination and patience in order to get this map qualified. Let's hope it lasts until the end!
Congrats :)
oh, good job on getting it qualified-
5eania was alive :O
gratz !!!!!
I still dislike some parts that enforce gameplay, but I really like the dubstep parts, good luck.
pretty cool map
02:00:257 (2) - I don't know how those sliders ignoring strong beats make sense with the song, the following vocals hold sounds argue can apply to any song with vocals.. does that mean the next step in mapping is overmapping every slider tail for hold sounds mapping? don't get me wrong is fine to map like this when there is not noticeable sounds before, but this case and others is really too much, sounds are really strong to be ignored.

02:02:954 - you mapping to vocals, but you still ignoring this to extend the slider? this and other examples make 0 sense with your vocal mapping logic

02:04:724 - you did map a similar vocal before 02:03:713 - but still ignoring this one, why?

02:05:145 (1) - vocal hold sound stop literally in 02:05:314 - , can you explain how make sense to end this on blue tick

02:11:887 (1) - why you hitsound ticks that you are not mapping properly? this make an even loud sound, read Desperate-Kun post again: p/4568620 makes no sense to ignore loud sounds and make less sense to ignore loud sounds and hitsound them..

Just some examples this happen in other places as well
Firis Mistlud
IDK should i say on this one, it's one of the main concept of this map to ignore those strong beats to give more priority on vocals

02:02:786 (3) - I think it was supposed to be two parts on vocal, but it's more like one single part merged together, so i guess this is why she extended the slider

02:04:724 - I disagree, i don't see where she did ignoring the vocals there, the object fits perfectly on vocals

02:05:145 (1) - agree, i think she extend it to emphasize the next vocal there, at 02:05:482 (2) -
I agree with Natsu here. There are still some extended sliders that have problem.
  1. 00:34:134 (4) - the slider starts at a weak beat, even not a drum or vocal, 00:33:965 (3,4) - making them a 1/1 slider is a good way
  2. 00:43:235 (1,2) - The 1/4 jump is too large in the calm part of the song.
  3. 02:00:257 (2) -This extended silder ignored 02:00:595 -, which doesn't feel good.
  4. 02:02:280 (1) -this note follows vocal, making the downbeats sliderend, but 02:02:786 (3) - ignored the vocal, starting with a drum beat. If you prefer vocal, you'd start slider on 02:02:954 - ; If you prefer drums, ignore 02:02:280 - , don't start slider there too, but start on 02:02:448 - , like 02:05:145 (1) - .
  5. 02:11:887 (1) -slider ends at a very bad time, ignoring an import beat: 02:12:224 –
  6. 02:25:370 (1,2) - Is the space too small comparing with other large 1/4 jumps like 02:26:044 (1,2,1) -?
  7. 02:27:055 (2,3) -I think you should reduce the space here, to emphasize 02:27:392 (4,5) -the two drums better.
  8. 02:56:887 (2,1) - can you reduce the 1//4 jumps? Although it's a slider jump which isn't that hard, but it will be confusing while the 1/2 space 02:56:381 (1,2) - is almost the same level as 02:56:887 (2,1).
  9. 04:20:988 (6) -04:20:988 - 04:21:156 – The strength of thetwo drums are similar in music, but a sliderend is weak, which can’t express the music well. Two circles may work better here.

Good luck!
Ah, I was just about to DQ it as well. I've checked the points above and they are valid... also a question; wasn't the dubstep part mapped by someone else when you've uploaded the map? Not sure, haha just a question.

If you need more help, feel free to catch me in game.
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