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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 12:07:14 PM

Artist: M2U & NICODE feat.Guriri & Lucy
Title: Myosotis
Source: Deemo
Tags: kaoru is a lazy man
BPM: 160
Filesize: 2645kb
Play Time: 02:10
Difficulties Available:
  1. Expert (4.97 stars, 460 notes)

Download: M2U & NICODE feat.Guriri & Lucy - Myosotis
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
I hope this will get ranked soon :D
oh my god
09:59 *Xilver is listening to [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/729038 M2U & NICODE feat.Guriri & Lucy - Myosotis]
10:00 Xilver: anything u can find
10:00 Asphyxia: oh man
10:00 Xilver: i actually finished
10:00 Asphyxia: you just took the challenge and map this
10:00 Xilver: the whole thing
10:00 Xilver: soo
10:00 Xilver: it's not hard to map
10:00 Asphyxia: mk let me play it
10:02 Xilver: intro came out sht
10:02 Xilver: but i'm happy with the dubstep section
10:05 Asphyxia: hmm ok
10:05 Asphyxia: should I just mod it or tell the general stuff first
10:05 Xilver: whatever makes u happier
10:05 Xilver: c:
10:05 Xilver: i'm ready ;_;
10:06 Asphyxia: I think the spacing sometimes feel really random, inconsistent; it should have some sort of consistency to it
10:06 Asphyxia: whether it's visual consistency or you just make them consistent by using x,x distance snaping
10:06 Asphyxia: usually a good rule is that whenever there's no reason to put a jump, distance snap it
10:07 Asphyxia: and if you follow a certain distance snap with that, that already makes your map more consistent in a way
10:07 Xilver: i kind of refrain from using distance snap
10:07 Xilver: you're like so limited with using it
10:07 Xilver: but i see your point
10:07 Asphyxia: i mean you don't have to, see jonathanlfj
10:07 Asphyxia: but you know
10:07 Asphyxia: whenever you look at his maps, he has a consistent spacing throughout
10:08 Asphyxia: 00:13:523 (1) - slider could look more neater and cleaner ;; but i dont go into that now
10:09 Asphyxia: 00:15:023 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - this could maybe be more eequal in terms of visual spacing, but it plays fine
10:09 Xilver: that wasn't equal?
10:09 Xilver: i made sure to make even geometric shapes
10:09 Asphyxia: well I'm not sure what kind of a thing you wanted to make here, the generic triangle pattern?
10:10 Asphyxia: http://puu.sh/iKoUW/04de8a24a2.jpg
10:10 Asphyxia: 43 should be moved more closed to 6, if you wanted all-around equal pattern
10:11 Xilver: oh
10:11 Xilver: oh no that was on purpose
10:11 Xilver: LOL
10:11 Xilver: i thought you meant the triangle
10:11 Asphyxia: 00:18:773 (1) - not really a fan of the jump since the changed to 1/8 isn't IMO strong enough to make a 1/4 jump there
10:12 Xilver: hmm
10:12 Asphyxia: 00:19:523 (1) - slider could look a bit neater and more equal
10:12 Xilver: that's minor, i could change
10:12 Xilver: also it's 1/6
10:12 Xilver: c:
10:12 Asphyxia: well
10:12 Asphyxia: ok
10:12 Asphyxia: xddd
10:12 Asphyxia: i just assumed
10:12 Xilver: pls skip slider shapes
10:12 Xilver: you know i suk at them
10:12 Asphyxia: cba to check the snappins now
10:12 Asphyxia: 00:19:523 (1,2,3) - not sure whether this was supposed to be symmetrical
10:12 Asphyxia: if so, you really should do it properly
10:13 Xilver: wasn't supposed to
10:13 Xilver: but i could make it
10:13 Asphyxia: kk
10:13 Asphyxia: 00:21:648 (3,4) - whenever making 1/8 snaps like ths, I'd try to stick to few distance snaps so that players can see what's coming
10:13 Asphyxia: after you've introduced them
10:14 Asphyxia: and the jump there feels quite challenging for this kind of difficulty but i mean
10:14 Asphyxia: your call I suppose
10:14 Xilver: it's 1/6
10:14 Xilver: BRUH
10:14 Xilver: but ye
10:14 Asphyxia: 1/6
10:14 Asphyxia: gjhiopdghiopdhijhipgdjhip
10:14 Xilver: jksfhdjkhfaljkdfhjkf
10:14 Xilver: wait so like
10:15 Xilver: not distance snap the 1/6?
10:15 Asphyxia: I mean
10:15 Xilver: what would be better then?
10:15 Asphyxia: if I were tou
10:15 Asphyxia: I'd use a certain distance snap
10:15 Asphyxia: for those 1/6's
10:15 Asphyxia: e.g 0,4x
10:15 Asphyxia: so that players can kind of see beforehand that oh
10:15 Xilver: ooooooo
10:15 Asphyxia: that's 1/6
10:15 Xilver: i see
10:15 Xilver: what u mean
10:15 Xilver: ok
10:15 Asphyxia: when they see 0,4x distance snapped stream
10:15 Asphyxia: yea
10:15 Xilver: consider that changed
10:16 Asphyxia: 00:23:835 (11) - well i guess this is fine aswell, but i just don't like leaving overlaps there when they're still visible in-game
10:16 Asphyxia: if this was my map, would probably just stack it with 00:23:460 (9) -
10:16 Asphyxia: but your call
10:16 Xilver: hmm
10:16 Asphyxia: 00:25:054 (4) - the beat here is either really quiet, or it's not there, and because of that
10:17 Asphyxia: this jump isn't really justified
10:17 Xilver: i just moved it because overlapping seemed weird to read
10:17 Asphyxia: and the spacing of it seems awfully big
10:17 Asphyxia: if anything, you could move 5 there as a stack, that'd be okay I guess
10:17 Asphyxia: http://puu.sh/iKpcf/054da5dd86.jpg
10:17 Asphyxia: or do something
10:18 Asphyxia: but that jump i guess is kinda challenging
10:18 Asphyxia: especially when you have to move to 5
10:18 Asphyxia: lol
10:18 Xilver: i'll change it but not in a way you said to
10:18 Asphyxia: yeah your map
10:18 Xilver: i had the rhythm wrong
10:18 Xilver: sooo
10:18 Asphyxia: your changes
10:18 Xilver: yea thx for noticing m8
10:19 Asphyxia: 00:27:648 (3,4) - the jump again feels really challenging, and this time, the spacing would kind of imply that that's 1/4
10:19 Asphyxia: considering how you spaced your 1/4 streams earlier
10:19 Xilver: yeah i understand
10:19 Xilver: i'll reduce spacing
10:19 Xilver: c:
10:20 Asphyxia: 00:29:460 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - not sure whether the shape is symmetrical, but it should and / or could be
10:20 Asphyxia: considering you already went for the symmetrical route for 00:28:710 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - 00:27:773 (5,6) - and 00:28:523 (1) -
10:20 Xilver: not symmetrical
10:20 Xilver: it was some slider i converted
10:20 Asphyxia: it feels kind of off now
10:21 Xilver: but i can see that
10:21 Xilver: i'll make it more symmetrical
10:21 Asphyxia: 00:36:585 (2) - this feels really weird because you're putting the emphasising on the wrong object, instead of this, it should be on 00:36:773 (3) -
10:22 Xilver: ooh
10:22 Xilver: so reducing the jump would make it emphasize on 3?
10:22 Asphyxia: yeah
10:23 Asphyxia: as long as the spacing for 1->2 feels or is actually less
10:23 Asphyxia: than the spacing to 2->3
10:23 Asphyxia: it's cool
10:23 Xilver: okay
10:23 Xilver: changed :D
10:23 Asphyxia: 00:46:523 (1,2,3,4) - I assume this pattern is this just for the sake of it or something, but it looks awfully random and clustered, visually at least
10:23 Xilver: remind me to let you post the log so i can kud
10:24 Xilver: yeah you're right
10:24 Asphyxia: 00:46:523 (1,4) - why isn't this symmetrical
10:24 Xilver: pls
10:24 Asphyxia: 00:46:523 (1,3) - the visual spacing here could be more equal, e.g
10:24 Asphyxia: http://puu.sh/iKptM/05fd5cfc47.jpg
10:24 Asphyxia: that's my version of it
10:24 Xilver: im kinda confused on how to make it symetrical
10:24 Xilver: sry
10:25 Xilver: ok how does that look more symmetrical
10:25 Xilver: pls explain
10:25 Asphyxia: do you see the middle line?
10:25 Asphyxia: http://puu.sh/iKpvh/88eed8332a.jpg
10:25 Asphyxia: see, 1 and 7 is on it
10:25 Asphyxia: but your note 4 00:47:085 (4) - wasn't
10:26 Asphyxia: and you know, i just made the spacing visually more symmetrical
10:26 Asphyxia: 00:45:585 (6,1,3) - is now equally spaced
10:26 Asphyxia: 6's visual spacing to 1 is the same as 6 -> 3
10:26 Asphyxia: do you get it? xd
10:26 Xilver: xd
10:26 Asphyxia: no?
10:26 Asphyxia: i mean
10:26 Xilver: i'll replace 4 then
10:27 Xilver: nono
10:27 Xilver: i got it
10:27 Asphyxia: ok
10:27 Asphyxia: 00:48:023 (1) - if you wanted symmetrical stuff, just move the note one grid to the left
10:27 Asphyxia: and make sure it's on the line perfectly
10:28 Xilver: PLS
10:28 Xilver: but ok
10:28 Asphyxia: 00:54:023 (1,2,1,2) - dunno, this in genera looks quite bland and un-equal
10:28 Xilver: changed bbbb
10:28 Xilver: it was different before
10:28 Asphyxia: i mean it's kind of hard to say ''do this!''
10:28 Xilver: but secret was like "no" so i changed it
10:28 Asphyxia: because it's your map
10:28 Asphyxia: and i dont want your map to be my map
10:29 Asphyxia: but you know
10:29 Asphyxia: issues
10:29 Asphyxia: :|
10:29 Xilver: but my maps suck and your maps are good
10:29 Xilver: D:
10:29 Asphyxia: well idk
10:29 Xilver: yea yea
10:29 Xilver: well
10:29 Xilver: it's actually equal
10:29 Xilver: i copied and rotated it around
10:29 Xilver: so like
10:29 Asphyxia: 00:57:773 (3,4) - why aren't these like 00:57:023 (1,2) - ?
10:30 Asphyxia: it just feels really odd
10:30 Xilver: yeah i was fucking around with these
10:30 Xilver: i must say they play awfully
10:30 Xilver: changed
10:31 Asphyxia: 01:00:773 (1,1) - aaaah this triggers me again
10:31 Asphyxia: i get that you wanted to place it there without much thinking or
10:31 Asphyxia: just for the sake of it
10:31 Asphyxia: but it's not symmetrical AAAAAAAAAAA
10:32 Asphyxia: you know, it just generally feels weird when you have this symmetrical atmosphere in your map
10:32 Asphyxia: yet half of the things aren't symmetrical
10:32 Xilver: wait how would i make it symmetrical then
10:32 Xilver: like
10:32 Asphyxia: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/3331772
10:32 Xilver: make sure the jumps are in a perfect triangle?
10:32 Asphyxia: that's symmetrical
10:33 Asphyxia: do you want a hard explanation how i made it symmetrical?
10:33 Xilver: oh
10:33 Asphyxia: so I just went on a beat that's empty, like the blue tick next to 6
10:33 Xilver: OH
10:33 Xilver: I GET IT
10:33 Xilver: now
10:33 Xilver: ok
10:33 Asphyxia: i copied 1
10:34 Asphyxia: ctrl h'd whatever
10:34 Asphyxia: and then placed the repeat slider on top of the copied circle
10:34 Asphyxia: and removed the circle
10:34 Asphyxia: and tadaa
10:34 Asphyxia: symmetrical
10:34 Xilver: ye
10:34 Xilver: it took me a while
10:34 Xilver: sry i am brainded rn
10:34 Xilver: consider changed
10:34 Xilver: :D
10:35 Asphyxia: 01:09:398 (3,4,1,2,3,4,1) - this spacing feels so
10:35 Asphyxia: so
10:35 Asphyxia: so big
10:35 Asphyxia: compared to your rest of the map
10:36 Asphyxia: this is the intense part yea, and you can emphasize jumps
10:36 Asphyxia: but don't go that far
10:36 Xilver: well the beats seemed emphasized
10:36 Xilver: aaaaaaaaaaaa
10:36 Xilver: ok
10:36 Xilver: fine
10:36 Xilver: i nerfed it
10:37 Xilver: you're right about that
10:37 Asphyxia: the kiai is quite simple but the overall presentation it serves right now visually could be better
10:37 Asphyxia: it could look more organized, more structred
10:37 Asphyxia: and I do get that you know, you want to map for playability
10:37 Asphyxia: yeah that's fine
10:38 Xilver: ignore my opinions
10:38 Xilver: they suk
10:38 Asphyxia: but you can't leave your patterns half-assed
10:38 Asphyxia: or anything
10:38 Asphyxia: they have to make sense at least
10:38 Xilver: well i wasn't trying to but ok
10:38 Asphyxia: and not look like horse shit
10:38 Asphyxia: not saying your does but
10:38 Xilver: pls go into detail
10:38 Xilver: nono it does
10:38 Xilver: but liek
10:38 Xilver: i do'nt understand how
10:38 Asphyxia: well, it's more clear when you find your own mapping stule
10:38 Asphyxia: yoou know
10:39 Asphyxia: how you want to make them more structured
10:39 Asphyxia: do you want to copy cryo?
10:39 Asphyxia: look at his / her maps and try to understand
10:39 Asphyxia: captin? ask him
10:39 Asphyxia: but my way of making things look more structured is to make shapes in general
10:39 Xilver: i don't really copy anyone
10:39 Xilver: tbh
10:39 Asphyxia: and try to stick to visually consistent spacing
10:40 Xilver: idk
10:41 Xilver: i try to find the best rhythm and map accordingly
10:41 Xilver: that's why my visuals seem terrible
10:41 Xilver: but i don't really pay attention to like
10:41 Xilver: where i place notes
10:41 Xilver: well i do but that's only for good flow
10:41 Xilver: not for like
10:41 Xilver: symmetries and stuff
10:41 Asphyxia: so the kiai is kind of straight forwarded
10:42 Asphyxia: I think it's quite repetitive in terms of placement, as in
10:42 Asphyxia: it goes from down -> up
10:42 Asphyxia: or like side -> side
10:42 Xilver: yea i was aiming for that
10:42 Asphyxia: ah yeh
10:42 Asphyxia: then it's fien i guess
10:42 Xilver: that's what makes good flow right
10:42 Xilver: RIGHT?
10:42 Xilver: i'm not stupid right
10:42 Asphyxia: these slider shapes are making me trigger tho
10:42 Asphyxia: 01:38:273 (4,5,6) -
10:43 Asphyxia: SPACING
10:43 Asphyxia: WHY ISN'T IT EQUAL
10:43 Asphyxia: *head explodes*
10:43 Xilver: PLS
10:43 Xilver: IT DOESN'T MATTER
10:43 Xilver: but fine
10:43 Xilver: changed
10:43 Asphyxia: say that to the qualified section, bitch
10:43 Xilver: nigga you think i'm gonna
10:43 Xilver: qualify this
10:43 Xilver: ha
10:43 Xilver: HA
10:43 Asphyxia: 01:44:273 (3,4,5,6) - prob not the best visual represensation
10:44 Asphyxia: that word btw
10:44 Xilver: a 3 year old could map better than me
10:44 Asphyxia: did not come
10:44 Asphyxia: out as planned
10:44 Asphyxia: 01:51:773 (3,4,5,6) - ¨
10:44 Asphyxia: ^
10:44 Xilver: wat
10:45 Xilver: ok
10:45 Xilver: so like
10:45 Xilver: what would make it look better?
10:45 Xilver: :o
10:45 Asphyxia: 01:51:773 (3,4,5,6) - as for this, a correct square?
10:45 Asphyxia: i'd do it
10:45 Xilver: wasn't going for perfect square
10:45 Xilver: pls
10:45 Asphyxia: jipfhidfgjiopdf
10:46 Asphyxia: then make the
10:46 Asphyxia: FUCK
10:46 Xilver: cjhaklhdsakjhdakjdhakj
10:46 Xilver: WAT
10:46 Xilver: DO YOU WANT FROM ME
10:46 Xilver: WOMAN
10:46 Asphyxia: it's so hard because i want you to have tgese
10:46 Asphyxia: things
10:46 Asphyxia: but it's not your style
10:46 Asphyxia: aaaaaaaaaaaah
10:46 Xilver: i could change it
10:46 Asphyxia: well idk, it's your call what you want from that
10:46 Xilver: i dont rly have a style
10:46 Xilver: i'm like
10:46 Asphyxia: it's just that
10:46 Asphyxia: you have to find your style sometime
10:47 Asphyxia: I found mine after the frim gd
10:47 Xilver: wat
10:47 Asphyxia: before that, it was jyst a copy of kyshiro's
10:47 Xilver: so like
10:47 Xilver: that's only when
10:47 Xilver: you found it?
10:47 Xilver: wow
10:47 Asphyxia: yeah
10:47 Asphyxia: that's when I knew what I wanted to do with my mapping
10:47 Asphyxia: and how to do it
10:47 Asphyxia: you know
10:47 Xilver: oh that that makes sense because i started not liking your maps after city streets
10:47 *Xilver tuns
10:47 Xilver: FUCK
10:47 Xilver: I MESSED UP
10:47 Xilver: MY JOKE
10:47 Xilver: brb killing myself
10:47 Xilver: bye
10:48 Asphyxia: its fine at least my maps get ranked
10:48 Xilver: ok fair enough
10:48 Xilver: anyways u were saying
10:48 Xilver: sorry for interrupting
10:48 Asphyxia: it's so hard because
10:48 Asphyxia: the only thing you kind of need to do is
10:48 Asphyxia: just map, map, and map more
10:48 Xilver: i don't map much myself tbh
10:48 Asphyxia: I could shove certain things into your style like Kyshiro did to me
10:49 Xilver: mapping is such a cunt thing
10:49 Asphyxia: but like
10:49 Xilver: like
10:49 Xilver: you have to take so many fking things into consideration
10:49 Asphyxia: yes exactly, and this is why you can't just go like
10:49 Asphyxia: ''1 map mapped, im a god gg''
10:49 Asphyxia: i mean
10:49 Asphyxia: it took me over 9 fucking months
10:49 Asphyxia: or a year
10:49 Asphyxia: to be DECENT at it
10:49 Asphyxia: some may learn faster
10:49 Asphyxia: some slower
10:50 Xilver: well yeah i'm not saying i'm a good mapping
10:50 Xilver: the opposite actually
10:50 Asphyxia: but mapping takes your time
10:50 Xilver: mapper*
10:50 Asphyxia: a bit like playing
10:50 Xilver: im still like
10:50 Xilver: in stage 1
10:50 Xilver: u feel

Some general tips here and there, went over the map as well and tried to explain things lol
Thanks :D
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