AKINO from bless4 & CHiCO with HoneyWorks - MIIRO vs. Ai no

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No worries, thanks for your concerns.

Tbh the ranking criteria wording could be improved. It only mentions "two uninherited sections" and "two inherited sections" causing problems in the map, not an Uninherited and Inherited section. Anyways, i already removed them anyways to avoid drama, we're just discussing the rule, hopefully some context/clarification can be given in the future.
Please do not kick Kyshiro's diff ;_; .
Regratz! MIIRO <3
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Thanks :DDD
The next person that fucking says "QAT ruining osu!" is seriously going to make me shit on a child.

I think everyone here knows that I literally am not in support of unwarranted defense of the QAT, as I have a lot of issues with many members of the team. However, shut the fuck up and stop your bitching about "omg QAT ruin game :(((!!!"

Mostly because, firstly, it's not just QAT that has issues with the metadata. Literally peppy came in and complained about it. Which, while you can go off about how peppy isn't a good player or some other shit, it's worth something when the creator of the game and manager of the entire staff comes in and discusses an issue. But the thing between you guys and peppy is that peppy is giving legitimate reasoning and talking like an adult, and the mapper is defending his points but also willing to make changes because that is the general concensus of what makes better quality maps within multiple teams. And sometimes that may change over time, especially on things that are super subjective and rare like this. And often times that's a byproduct of people viewing things in a different light, sharing those opinions, and convincing others that one side may be better than the other.

If you guys actually want to sort of like, you know, assist in making these rules more consistent, then do that here with legitimate reasoning as to why you feel a rule should be handled a certain way. Is it a relatively slow process that doesn't get instant gratification? A little bit, yeah, but it's still an open forum to have legitimate discussion rather than putting the blame on QATs who are legitimately concerned about issues in the map and are handling it in a sensible and logical way.

It doesn't help your case to be a little whiny bitch in a map thread, especailly when the mapper has been cooperative in adjusting minor things based on what others have said. It's not going to help anything, it's not going to convince anybody to change their opinions, and it's not going to help the betterment of osu!.

I don't give a fuck what this map is called, but I give a fuck about how this community wishes to influence maps and ranking criteria. And right now you guys are literally being babies about it. Learn to take things into your own hands in a productive manner rather than being a bag of shit.

incoming silence but it's worth it since I really am annoyed that people just take to being babies about QAT unranks because of something that actually probably requires legitimate discussion as they're issues we've not really dealt with before that often

also this rant is rushed since someone is literally waiting outside to drive me somewhere soooo
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^I'd kd's that if I could. Thanks Reditum!

Yea. It sucks we weren't able to keep the original metadata but lets move on from that.

Yes yes, there are exceptions, but not everyone has the time to check every map with "misleading metadata", especially not someone like peppy.

Anyways lets see how this goes :D.
Congraulation to the reranking. @TatoeforPresident
Hope it doesn't get DQ again :p
A Mystery
Congratz everyone!
Glad the meta data is "correct" now, otherwise even more people will use this as an example when they want to use the wrong meta-data, though I still feel like people will use that bad apple map now. Creating precedents is dangerous.
Gratzzz for requalify~~ >w< Hope there's no DQ this time.

another version of tatoe song lol
Re-congrats Monstrata and everyone! :D
Re-gratz monstrata
Also, nice post Reditum!
monstrata have my babies
You should use lossless source for editing, converting lossy format to lossy format (mp3) results in very crappy sound. It is very noticeable even without headphones.
Regratz :)
I'd be rich if I had a dollar for every tatoe I've heard or seen.
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