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I am requesting that the developer of this game remove the 'retry counter' from this game because it is demotivational and counterproductive to the players' experience. Repeated failures while playing this game is enough to take a toll on the mental state of a player, a 'retry counter' only serves to increase the impact of the blow, a reminder of how many times a player has failed while playing a certain beatmap. The fact that this feature exists in this game is pathetic. Please remove it from this game so that it can take one more step to being more enjoyable.
I don't see any good reason to remove it completely. Allowing the user to toggle it in options might be a better choice
I don't really want it to be gone
I kinda like it, as it shows how much effort you put into the map (and can also say: Okay, after 20 retries I'll quit this map, so you don't have any blank indication on when it's those 20 retries)
No reason to remove it. I just dont look at it and its as if it doesnt even exist.
you can press shift+tab to hide the in-game interface, this includes the retry counter

if you're not happy about the whole interface being hidden then maybe you should stop getting bothered over the tiniest thing
I understand your frustration and have experienced it myself, but....

Conor wrote:

you can press shift+tab to hide the in-game interface, this includes the retry counter
Denied before t/102553
Use post-it notes.
I find it rather nice, it makes me feel so much better after I finish a fc or something.

also no need to be so r00d
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