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Hello osu! community,

I have written a short list of maps targeted at players who want to start playing Double Time and Hard Rock in order to get pp, but lack any direction on how to start getting into playing these mods. This guide can also be seen as the beginning of 'pp-farming' using mods as opposed to playing just NoMod. This guide does not claim to be the best way to get into Hard Rock/Double Time, nor does it claim to be the most efficient way to allow you to farm pp. All it offers is a direction to those without any idea on when they should start trying to use mods to farm pp and what maps to start playing using Hard Rock/Double Time, all based on my very own personal experience.

Here is the link to my guide (Google Docs)

What worked for me might not work for you, but hopefully at least I would be able to help out one other person!

Feedback would be much appreciated.
The pre-requisites seem to be legit.
I'm still on my way so I can't give you feedback on anything else :^)
Nomod player here but I liked your guide and the insight you offered. Nice job.
I Give Up
Oh looks like I've already done some of them o:

Great guide and map pool, thanks \m/
Really nice guide and I like how you used an external link instead of the usual Great Wall of Text that I see often on the forums.
-Makishima S-
Nice job mate.
The Gambler
Oh damn, I already started waay too early with DT and HR..
what to do if i cant stream above 200?
You need to play more.
And you need to stop necroposting.

KupcaH wrote:

You need to play more.
And you need to stop necroposting.
The best thing is not to reply to necroposters.
okay dad
just farming posts
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