Should I practice low sens or go for high sens? (Mouse + kb)

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I changed my sensitivity (in all games that I play) for lower (600dpi x1.2) because of another game because I was too inaccurate before, now I have good accuracy in that game and here as well but I have problems in fast maps (and I feel like my hand is going into annoying positions once in a while and I feel like that ruins my playing sometimes), should I just raise my sensitivity here in Osu and learn to be more accurate with the higher sensitivity or just learn to use the low sensitivity?

Before I played osu with a bit higher sensitivity but I was slightly more inaccurate but still not too bad.

I'm hoping to hear tips from experienced mouse + keyboard osu players!

Thanks in advance!
Good topic, wrong forum :P if I were you, I'd just experiment with whatever I can; accuracy is very important, but low sensitivity isn't exactly bad. I mean, I don't know for certain, I mainly play taiko, but just see what ends up working for you and go from there. This forums is meant for technical issues and bugs, not this kind of help. It used to be called technical support, dunno why they changed it :/
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Oops sorry. Well thanks for the tips, could you maybe move this topic into somewhere more suitable then? I'd like to hear more from some Osu mouse+kb veterans.

edit. nvm. you are not moderator but if any moderator reads this please move this!
I think you could just repost this in the Gameplay and Rankings forum, but not sure myself either :P
/me summons drum drum to move it to G&R (I hope)

baraatje123 wrote:

/me summons drum drum to move it to G&R (I hope)
Or not.

Moved to Gameplay & Rankings.

Edit: As for the topic at hand... Just use whatever you feel most comfortable with. If it feels natural and doens't strain your wrist (and whatever else) too much then it's probably fine. There's not a whole lot more to say, it's up to you to figure it out what suits you best.
Low sens. Bigger margin of error and better muscle memory. Just go as low as you're comfortable with.

ZenithPhantasm wrote:

Low sens. Bigger margin of error and better muscle memory. Just go as low as you're comfortable with.
Zenith gets something right for once. Consistency and accuracy >>> speed. You can develop speed at any sensitivity.
Low is better if you have the time
At low you will have hard time getting speed and it will take much longer but you will have by far better accuracy.
At high you will gain high speed instantly but you will struggle to control it and be accurate with it.

Which one you pick is up to you. It makes no difference in the end, you will just walk different paths towards the same goal.
Grip your mouse and move it as fast side to side as you can, that is your physical speed limit of using a mouse maybe a tad less, you can learn to control that speed if you use it a lot. Now then, going as low as you can as people said is the best option at first.

Use your whole arm when you move the mouse.
Don't put a lot of (downward force) when using the mouse so it will be easier to move.
Mouse drift is a problem which every mouse user has, it will go away by itself with time, it is caused by the way you move the mouse which changes the more accustomed you get to the sensitivity.
Lower DPI takes more physical effort that is a natural outcome lul.

Low DPI won't make you magically better, cptnXn uses low dpi and he is good, doomsday uses high dpi and he is good. Both can stream very well so the "low dpi helps with streaming is somewhat true".

TL;DR: Personal preference, use what's comfortable and get good either way.

EDIT: The whole idea of using a lower sensitivity is muscle memory, in theory the lower the sensitivity the more your hand memorizes how much it has to move to hit an object a certain distance away. The lower you go the more room for error your hand has if you make a mistake. In theory if you had the speed to use 50DPI @ 768P then it would be very hard to make a random mistake, because even if you did the area of the hit circle would be so huge you wouldn't miss either way.
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