Your first video game in general?

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Asami Anny
Resident Evil 1
The Original Power Rangers for the gameboy colour

Man was that the bomb
Contra on the NES. My mom was a master of games (from NES to PS3), and she trained me to memorize every enemy and pattern in Contra and finally did a no-lives-lost run with her.
Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy. Completed my Pokedex by age 5 xd.
The earliest game I remembered is me trying House of the Dead 1 while I was still a 4yo (idk when exactly, young enough to not understand click is to shoot), holy sh8 it gives me bad dreams back then and I don't even fucking dare to click or see the icon until years later.
Zygfryd reinn1
I think CONTRA, but in childhood i played a lot san andreas (which im still doing)
I remember it almost clearly, it was Spyro the Dragon (the first one) on PS1. I played it almost all the time when I was young. Like, really young.

A bit of story: I remember that one day my PS1 fell on the floor (I don't remember exactly how). The console was fine, but the disk inside... not so much. If you guessed it, it was Spyro 1. And so I only had Spyro 2 & 3 while I had to wait for a new copy. I was so happy when I got it again, I played it until I finished the game. Even today, it remains my favorite game of all time.

Also some of the enemies in this game were scary at the time (I'm looking at you 3-1 Alpine Ridge, 3-2 High Caves, 4-2 Misty Bog and 5-1 Dark Passage).

Also, French voices.
Pokemon Ruby. Never got very far with it due to it being a bootlegged copy, and it belonged to my sister but dang was it fun for 8 year old me.
tbh this goes way back but I'm pretty sure it was those home ddr games
Space Impact on my old blokia
The first game I actually remember playing was Sonic Heros on the PS4
I meant PS2
It was Age of Empire I think, or Sonic the Edgehog on SEGA Megadrive, I don't remember :o
Wii Sports
My actual first video game ever played was that

fite me
Well if we are just going by first game I ever played I don't remember as I played games at freinds house and such before my parents ever bought me my first game console.

First game for a console owned was super mario World.

First computer game was the original Myst
I don't really remember the first video game I ever played since I start playing video games at a very early age.

I think it could be Halo 1 since my brothers have told me stories about how they'd give me a controller that was not even plugged into the Xbox and I thought I was playing the game with them.
Contra (NES)
The first video game I can remember playing is NES Duck Hunt. Omg does that make me old? :o
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