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Problem Details: So I had a Weyes gaming moues that went up to 2000 FPS and was doing pretty well on that. The settings I had on windows at the time was 7/11 on sensitivity, 2000 DPI max on the mouse, and 1.25x on Osu.

I got DeathAdder recently and the DPI goes up to 3500, so I was wondering what I should set the DPI to if I were to set Windows back to 6/11 and Osu back to 1x?

osu! version: 20150414.2 (latest)
7/11 is a 1.5 x multiplier.

1.5 * 2000 * 1.25 = 3750

6/11 is a 1x multiplier.

You would need 3750 DPI on your deathadder to achieve equivalent sensitivity. I recommend you just tone down your DPI though. Many top mouse players use 400 or 800 DPI. Good luck if you wish to continue using such high DPI settings though.
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How much of your arm would rest on the desk then? I've always been a high DPI wrist player, but now I'm changing to low DPI and arm since people say it's more accurate.
I don't actually use Low sensitivity myself. I use 1600 DPI which is considered with High or Mid level sensitivity and I fingertip. But if I were to palm, I'd make sure to rest my elbow on something and pivot on that. Your entire arm should move and your wrist can still be used for small movements.

By the way, regardless of what style you play, I think resting your entire arm is important. It helps quite a bit with stamina (not getting tired too quickly).
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