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As the title says. It's really bothersome to change it via the Timing Setup window when there is a timing panel.

Also, one very interesting thing is that copying the timing with ctrl+c in the Timing Panel does not copy the time signature.
For example:
1. Offset: 273ms	BPM: 92,00
2. Offset: 19.022ms BPM: 192,00
3. Offset: 19.022ms BPM: Inherited (0,8x)
4. Offset: 30.193ms BPM: Inherited (0,9x)
5. Offset: 39.568ms BPM: Inherited (0,8x)
6. Offset: 53.084ms BPM: Inherited (0,9x)
7. Offset: 80.272ms BPM: Inherited (1x)
8. Offset: 120.897ms BPM: Inherited (0,5x)
9. Offset: 121.990ms BPM: Inherited (0,5x)
10. Offset: 122.147ms BPM: Inherited (0,5x)
11. Offset: 122.303ms BPM: Inherited (0,5x)
12. Offset: 122.459ms BPM: Inherited (0,8x)
13. Offset: 122.772ms BPM: Inherited (0,9x)
14. Offset: 123.709ms BPM: Inherited (1x)
15. Offset: 123.943ms BPM: Inherited (1,2x)
16. Offset: 124.256ms BPM: Inherited (1,4x)
17. Offset: 124.647ms BPM: Inherited (1,1x)
18. Offset: 138.084ms BPM: Inherited (1,2x)
19. Offset: 156.834ms BPM: Inherited (1,2x)

In the above example, there are absolutely no mention if the signature used is 3/4, 4/4 or 7/4, and there are songs which require many signature changes, so when making an informative post, it's a bit inconvenient.
If anything, I believe adding that info to the clipboard shouldn't be too difficult to do.
They don't appear?
Game, what's wrong with you?
I agree!
Technically you can change it via the timing menu too. You can't pick a custom signature though.
Yeah, but when copy pasting your timing from the timing panel (which saves insane amount of time), you don't get the signatures. I believe that wouldn't be that hard to implement. :p

Refer to this post why would that be a pretty good thing to have. (or should I say, that map instead of the post, since I couldn't actually be informative enough when copy pasting that, so I took it directly from the .osu which is kinda not what one should be doing when modding).
I agree and it wouldn't be hard to implement this too. Also remember to be extra careful that the timing signatures are actually correct for inherited sections. I have a fix for it, but I haven't gotten around to getting it up to date with the current builds.
I probably gave a bad example there because the mapper didn't update the map. His map should look something like this:

1. Offset: 19.022ms	BPM: 192,00
2. Offset: 30.272ms BPM: 192,00
3. Offset: 36.522ms BPM: 192,00
4. Offset: 39.646ms BPM: 192,00
5. Offset: 49.958ms BPM: 192,00
6. Offset: 53.083ms BPM: 192,00
7. Offset: 63.395ms BPM: 192,00
8. Offset: 71.207ms BPM: 192,00
9. Offset: 73.082ms BPM: 192,00
10. Offset: 76.519ms BPM: 192,00
11. Offset: 80.269ms BPM: 192,00
12. Offset: 90.581ms BPM: 192,00
13. Offset: 93.706ms BPM: 192,00
14. Offset: 104.018ms BPM: 192,00
15. Offset: 110.268ms BPM: 192,00
16. Offset: 117.143ms BPM: 192,00
17. Offset: 124.643ms BPM: 192,00
18. Offset: 134.955ms BPM: 192,00
19. Offset: 138.080ms BPM: 192,00
20. Offset: 148.392ms BPM: 192,00
21. Offset: 153.079ms BPM: 192,00

And that is without inherited sections. All of those red lines are changing the time signature only. Very weird but fun song.

This is where the UI becomes much more difficult. To me, it's much easier change the time signature in the .osu file.
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