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Hi, Wariostarx here.

Some time ago I got the idea of having the osu! cursor outgame. I looked around and found some topics about it on this forum, the shop forum and on Reddit. But non og them had the cursor, so I made one myself!

The resources to recreate the cursor are provided by Peppy at

The only things are:
- Windows crops cursors alway's back to 32x32 pixels. There is no lose of quality, but the cursor is not as big as ingame.
- There is no way to change the animation when you click, so I couldn't include that.
- It's not possible to attach a trail, so also that is not included.
But I still think it looks awesome. :)
They look a bit pixelated when not in action, but when used, it is hardly seen.
Please follow these instrutions right, or the cursor will change back to normal after a restart.
1. Download the file and unzip it.
2. Locate your cursorfolder, by default, it should be in C:\Windows\Cursors.
3. Place the 5 .ani files into the cursorfolder. The .txt doesn't have to dropped in the cursorfolder. You have to be administrator to do this.
4. Open your All Configuration Screen, go to Mouse and click on the tab "Pointers" in the new opened screen.
5. (Alternative step) Choose a preset that you like the most. This will be all the cursors that are not changed in the next steps.
6. Change the cursors into the following (You can change what you like, but this is what I recommand):
- Normal Select > cursor osu!
- Help Select > cursor osu! questionmark
- Working In Background > cursor osu! loading on BG
- Text Selection > cursor osu! flashing
- Select Link (The last one on the list, idk what it was called) > cursor osu! colours
7. Save this as a new preset using the button "Save as...", name the preset what you like.
8. (Alternative Step) Turn on cursorshadow, this makes it easier to see the animation.
9. Click Apply and then OK.
10. Step 8 will create a new theme under your personal configurations, make sure you have it selected.
Quote by Peppy about osu! resources. Only use this cursor for personal use!!
All osu! graphic and other game assets are copyright ppy Pty Ltd.

You are NOT permitted to use these graphics outside of skins and/or beatmaps. This includes using them on other websites, games, products etc.

If you would like to use the resources outside of the scope provided above, please contact me at

If you find yourself in some trouble, please leave a comment! ;)

Happy gaming!
I've never understood the appeal of cursors that aren't the generic arrow clicker, but thanks anyways.

I like this one a lot: Momiji cursor
Trash Boat
I think this goes in skinning but idk

Anyway thanks

Trash Boat wrote:

I think this goes in skinning but idk
no, because it's not an osu! skin.
Wow, thanks for this! :D

I tried to record its behaviour but seems like my Bandicam isn't capturing it correctly lol. (7.7MB simple record small res)
The real is it is very good. 8-)
Hey, this is actually pretty cool, thanks!
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Thnx for the good reactions everybody :D
E m i

boatpack wrote:

Momiji cursor
reading that scared me
why did u delete the file :v
oh xD
Oh well, another one to the list.

eblf2013 wrote:

Oh well, another one to the list.
yes, 50 now

Olive_BBMS wrote:

why did u delete the file :v
Because screw you, that's why!

Don't take it seriously.
why are we here

just to suffer

Olive_BBMS wrote:

why did u delete the file :v

Farfocele wrote:

Olive_BBMS wrote:

why did u delete the file :v
you're a bit late to the party
fat pear
Why this wasn't at the skinning subforum?
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