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Problem Details:
I changed my renderer from DirectX to OpenGL due to low FPS. When i have launched osu! again, it freezes and i need to F4 the game to close.
And then i uninstalled this.

After installing again, strange things have been showing up. My sound have been lagging in the game (strange cracking, it hurts my ears :? ) and the FPS is more lower than FPS before reinstalling.
I changed renderer to DirectX like before but it keeps lagging and cracking still.
What i am supposed to do? :? I really don't wanna leave this game :!:

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

Sorry, i have no screenshot/video.

osu! version: 20150414.2 (latest)
Is the same in beta?
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Beta and Stable. Not tried the Experimental version (and even don't wanna to try :P )
Re-install your audio drivers?
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