[resolved] Osu being deleted by my anti-virus?

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Queen Chan
Problem Details:
Hey guys! Recently I wanted to get back into OSU since I got a new tablet, but my anti-virus started freaking out and deleting OSU files when I try to use the new installer, am I doing something wrong? Whenever stuff like this happens I get kinda paranoid~; :?

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20140814.1
Please add osu to your antivirus exception list if you are having problems running it.
Do what TVO said and also make sure to add an exception to your Firewall as well, if you're using one.
yeah, Avast has issues like that. it's been a long time issue sadly :(
just do the above or get something better :p
Avast detects a lot of file types as a virus and AVG is wary of it, Macafe is about the same as Avast... they detect something in the code that it does not like but as you can see Osu! is not malicious. :P
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