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Hi, I'd like to look at a few maps again. I'll close this when I'm too busy again/not able to mod due to other factors.

Preface/Rules/Whatever you'd like to call it:

1. I only mod Anime/J-Pop/Some Chinese and Korean Pop/IIDX/DJMAX/O2JAM/BMS music. I hate Vocaloid. Of course I still look at random maps every now and then but for this queue, please only the above genres. I am not into rap or rock but I'm sure we can all appreciate the different tastes we all have, right?
2. I mod primarily by rhythm and hitsounding. If I really like your map and think that a few custom hitsounds might spice it up, I'll likely make some for you.
3. I'll also check for other issues such as timing and of course, snapping and the such, but these aren't my primary focuses. Your map should already be timed correctly when you post it here, I'll just play through it and grab a feel.
4. My modding are always suggestions unless I say a particular thing makes your map unrankable. Those you of course must address immediately.
5. Suggestions means that I'm neither wrong or right, but it's just my view on how your map may be improved. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW WHAT I SUGGEST.
5. If you've got a map of another genre, you can PM me in-game and maybe I'll mod it. I prefer working over a longer term instead of making just one post for you.
6. I'm very busy with life, that is school (University graduation year), work, family, sickness and everything else. Please be patient with me, I can't mod at the same speed as I have before but I'll give you my best.
7. You can post unfinished maps...but then I can't guarantee my degree of help to you. If you do that, tell me exactly what you want me to do, such as give you a bit of placement on rhythm, hitsound suggestions or whatever. I prefer you post maps that are completely finished though, your star priority doesn't matter to me. Although, try to have no more than 3 difficulties, I don't enjoy modding 5 difficulty+ for one song.
8. I have no specific order in modding. I'll go randomly so it's not always first come first serve. It'll probably depend on how much I like the song so please don't be offended if you posted first and I modded your map last. I have nothing against any of you.
9. Let's say 3 maps max at each turn. Please don't stress me too much and only post one map at a time~
10. I prefer taking in-game requests. If I get those then I may delay modding on this queue. Again, I must ask for your understanding. This is just a place for me to look back to.
11. I don't ask that you mod for mod with me. This is a free service to you with no obligations on your part aside from giving me work. Anyone may post here with a map.

New rule: If I see that you've spammed your map in more than 3 other queues already, then I will ignore your map. We modders are not tools for you to get stars and I'm personally very against spamming in multiple queues at the same time.

Well then, let's have some fun.

Midget mode is WIP.

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I forgot to mention that I hate Vocaloid, but since you made it before me I'll take a look at that later.
here's mod request :3

thank you XD
Thanks~ :)
If you only mod 3 diff
Skip Rox's Hard because I think this is the best diff
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Turning in for the night so hopefully there's more work here when I'm awake again. All of the above done.
Sunny Holic

can you mod this please?

Please mod my map. Mystearica :)
plz mod this if you have time,thank you^ ^
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k done
Hi there! Will you mod my map please? It's not one of your preferred genres but it is instrumental and I'm hoping you will give this a look :P
Thank you!

EDIT: Nevermind, you only mod those genres. Will try to catch you in game. Feel free to ignore this request

The song is for IIDX , but this song is 5 diff , if you only want to mod 3 diff ,

Please only mod this 3 diff: [Sharon's Another] , [Another] or [Hyper]

Thank you
Hai again tear :)

Please mod this

I need your help :(
Thanks again :D
Oh, when did you become a MAT member again? :o
Anyway, please have a look at this :3
Tommy Heavenly6 - PAPERMOON (TV Size)
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All done so...

+7, K-on mix ;)
Thank you!
Mod request =)
Thx =)
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k well done all of the above so leave me stuff overnight :3

see you guys tomorrow~
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