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- K a t h - wrote:

Changed the picture if you don't mind c:

Thank you so much, its amazing :)
thank you... trying to find another but thank you for trying (:

- K a t h - wrote:

Thank you, I guess ;;
Kuro's much better! c:
Youre welcome!
What do I need to find for you image wise If i wanted to request one?! I'd die a happy man to get a signature done up when your request list is empty!
Thank you Kath. ^^
Spike Spiegel

- K a t h - wrote:

Couple Banner:
I had fun making this <3
I added something else, if that's okay ;;

Thank you for requesting!
Let me know if there's an error or if I forgot anything else.
OMG, I LOVE IT! It's AWESOME! You did a great job! You have talent that's for sure! :D :3

Lina Sintyadewi wrote:

Request to:Kuro -Kath-
Type: Matching Avatar (Couple)
- Left : Lina
- Right : Fort
Image link: ... 77e11d.jpg
Border: Y
Border Type: Rounded
Extra: You have cute font? if have please use that ^^, and make it cute
i see Kuro busy irl so can i re-request again?
Aching Time
Request to: -Kath-
Type: Youtube Channel Art
Text: Xeiiryuu's Youtube Channel
Size: 2560 x 1440 ( YT channel art)(best size but i think we can reduce it a little bit more)
Image link: ... long_hair-
Extra: If its okay, also make a facebook cover with the given picture. the text is Xeiiryuu Osu! Standard Philippines and the size is 851x315

Thanks in Advance..
Type: Single Avatar
Request to: Kath
Image Link: and
Size: 128x128 & 200x200
Text: fluffy
Transparent: no
Border: Yes
Border Type: rounded and regular
Extra Information: I need you to make 2 profile pics for me this time plz:3 also can you make 1 of the sets have a rounded border and
the other set doesn't have a border it doesn't matter which set has the rounded border or the regular

the first pic is going to have 1 that is 128x128 and another one that is resized to 200x200 for both of the pics if u don't mind
heres the first one [ ] the second pic will have the same setting its just that this one has to have a border
or u could make the first one have a border up to u as long as one of them have a rounded border I'm fine:3
the second pic [ ] one more thing the font that u chose for the rest of my pic's is good you can change the font
to how ever you think will make the pic look awesome:3 thanks a lot for making my pfp I really love them :3 :) can you also add some type of background for the first one that's transparent also don't make the transparent on with a round border
[ Kosuna ]
Type: osu! Banner
Request to: - K a t h -
Size: 623x192
Image link:
Text: Kosuna's Userpage
Border: Yes (I like this style > here < )
Animated: No
Extra: I love this style of banner: 01, 02 or 03 - I mean with a lot of details :3 ~ thx!
Request to:Kath
Type: Single
Image link:
Border: Y
Border Type: Rounded
Extra: make the text not that big please and thats all thank you in advance
Request to:Kath
Type: Pair Avatar
Text: Girl= SutiBu Boy= Genesis
Image link:
Border: Y
Border Type: Border like the first one in the Pair Avatar in your avatar examples.
Extra: idk D:
Request to:Kath
Image: Type: Avatar
Text: Sempah
Size: 128x128
Image link:
Border Type:rounded :oops:

Ty 3:
Captain Unicorn
Request to: Kath
Type: Single
Text: Seichi
Image link: ... d=53108349
Border: Y
Border Type: Rounded
Extra: Make it as cute as possible with maybe some side effects.. or not :D just make it look kawaii as fudge

Catninja wrote:

  1. Request to: Jess Kath
  2. Type: Matching Avatar
  3. Text: Left girl: Klitty. Right girl: Specky
  4. Image link:
  5. Border: Yep
  6. Border Type: up to you
  7. Extra: extra qt~
I guess it's now for Kath~ hope u get better soon Jess~
I now feel sorry for Kath-senpai :(
All I see is "Request for Kath" "Request for Kath" you're going to be so busy *sad face*

Best of luck! All your work is always of the highest quality so I have full faith in you!
Captain Unicorn

Captain Unicorn wrote:

Request to:Kuro kath
Type: Single
Border: Y
Border Type: Rounded
So sorry for making you do more work ;w;
Hi! :D

Type: osu! Banner
Request to: - K a t h -
Size: 623x192
Image link:
Text: Shouko's Userpage
Border: Yes
Animated: Yes
Extra: Make it as colorful as you can! c:
Okey ,,, thanks for Banner Signature :)

Best Regards to Kath
Hi :3
Type: Banner
Request to: - Kath -
Size: Banner - 623x192
Image link: img and add this for the userpage please gif
Quotation/Text: Chovi's userpage
Border: Y
Animated: Y
Extra: up to you and thanks in advance - Kath - ❤ !!!
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