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Hi, two questions (:

First: In some Szenes i have a SB load of 8.00 in my SB - thats a bit much. I have read stickied sthread with tipps, but i dont know how to apply it correctly.
For example i have some images with transparency, but since i dont know how to position them correclty, i cant do this yet.

Sure, i know how to move an image in my SB, but i dont know if e.g. the SB Widescreen-Option has any effect to this.

Thats the second question: What does this option do? (Widescreen-Support)
I have a 4:3 Monitor :/

Here is my map where i started to learn storyboarding (first few seconds): http://puu.sh/hDhED/ec640b1b5e.osz
Can someone check it and may get some tipps or tell me what im doing wrong?
This would be very nice ^^

Ah, im using SGL Editor for Storyboarding, here's my SGL Script ive written:
function flash(object, from, to, strengh) {
object.fade(from, from, 0, strengh);
object.fade(from, to, strengh, 0);

function flashNTimesDecreasing(object, n, startTime, endTime, startStrengh, endStrengh) {
var duration = endTime - startTime;
var singleDuration = duration / n;
var strenghChangeFactor = startStrengh - endStrengh;
for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
var start = startTime + i * singleDuration;
var end = start + singleDuration;
var percent = (i+1.0) / n;
var strengh = startStrengh - (strenghChangeFactor * percent);
flash(object, start, end, strengh);

function viewFromTo(object, from, to) {
if (from != 0) {
object.fade(from, 1);
object.fade(to, 0);
return object;

function dot(x, y1, y2, startTime, forceEndTime) {
var dot = new Sprite("sb/dot.png", Background, Centre);
var end = startTime + rand(2500, 3500);
dot.scale(rand(5, 15)/10.0);
dot.move(startTime, end, x, y1, x, y2);
if (end < forceEndTime) {
viewFromTo(dot, startTime, end);
} else {
viewFromTo(dot, startTime, forceEndTime);

function makeDots(minX, maxX, fromY, toY, from, to) {
while (from < to) {
dot(rand(minX, maxX), fromY, toY, from, to);
from = from + rand(10, 50);

var black = new Sprite("sb/nocolor.jpg", Background, Centre);
black.color(0, 0, 0);
viewFromTo(black, 4303, 23503);

var i1 = new Sprite("sb/i1.jpg", Background, Centre);
i1.fade(4303, 7046, 1, 0);
i1.fade(12532, 1);
i1.fade(15275, 16646, 1, 0);

var i2 = new Sprite("sb/i2.jpg", Background, Centre);
i2.fade(0, 1561, 1, 0);
flash(i2, 1561, 2932, 1);
flash(i2, 7046, 9789, 1);
flash(i2, 12532, 13903, 1);
flash(i2, 20761, 22132, 1);

var i3 = new Sprite("sb/i3.png", Background, Centre);
viewFromTo(i3, 4303, 12532);

var i5 = new Sprite("sb/i5.png", Foreground, Centre);
viewFromTo(i5, 12532, 20761);

var i4 = new Sprite("sb/i4.png", Background, Centre);
i4.fade(9789, 12532, 0, 1);
i4.fade(12532, 15275, 1, 0);

makeDots(-70, 700, 520, -50, 13903, 20761);

The backgrounds do have transparency which affects the SB Load. Also appearing many big images (like the background) at the same time or in the "same section". For example, on 00:04:303 the background i1 and i2 fade out at the same time, but i1 can disabled since we can't see it. So enabling with i2 is a waste of SB Load.
Two solutions are available: cropping the images or find useless elements that are enabled at the same time.

Widescreen Support puts the SB in 16:9 (1366x768 and other). But since you have a 4:3 monitor, you can't see the widescreen.
There is no necessary to use nocolor.jpg to hide default bg.
//Background and Video events
//Storyboard Layer 0 (Background)
//Storyboard Layer 1 (Fail)
//Storyboard Layer 2 (Pass)
//Storyboard Layer 3 (Foreground)
//Storyboard Sound Samples
1. Write your scripts under Foreground , then add a img under background. default bg has gone..it could help you to decrease sb load to some extent.

2. Widescreen support chosen or not up to your screen resolution. I recommend you d better to make sb use 1366*768 resolution computer. there has two black areas both side on my screen if you dont choose widescreen.
nocolor i use to make bg black. In some effects i need black backgroundscreen. With resized and cropped images now i havent any problems with SB load at this points.

What filesize is allowed with SB?
My MP3 has 5 MB, my SB content currently 8.8 mb
With widescreen-images i have bigger images (in resolution), so SB load would increase, right?

Kagu-chan wrote:

nocolor i use to make bg black. In some effects i need black backgroundscreen. With resized and cropped images now i havent any problems with SB load at this points.

What filesize is allowed with SB?
My MP3 has 5 MB, my SB content currently 8.8 mb
With widescreen-images i have bigger images (in resolution), so SB load would increase, right?
  1. Try to keep osz files under 10mb, or 30mb if you include a video/storyboard. Videos and storyboards can generally be decreased in size by lowering the quality of the video or trimming/resizing storyboard elements.
If your map is under 30mb you are safe.

Widescreen images will increase the SB Load. What you can do is resizing the image into a smaller dimensions.
First off, you have a 5:4 monitor. 5:4 is actually currently broken and doesn't display properly due to a bug. I highly recommend you stop using it (use 4:3, 1280x960 or 16:9 1280x720). I would also recommend you use 1280x720 to design your storyboard as the vast majority of people now have 16:9 native resolutions.

Widescreen support disables the black bars displayed on widescreen storyboards. This allows people to display a fully 16:9 storyboard rather than cropping the whole thing to 4:3.

Second, it's important to understand how storyboards are drawn. Each pixel drawn accounts for a certain amount of SB Load. The actual storyboard load is not accurately documented as a bunch of small images moving will slow the game down, but the SB load will be very small. By default, the background is drawn via the .osu storyboard, so any normal map will have a 1.0 (or bigger in widescreen) SB load.

Interestingly there is a sticky on your exact problem: Tips on reducing SB Load (to eliminate lag!). Please read through it, as your main issue is the fact that you have 6 images on top of each other. When an image isn't being used, you need to make sure it's faded out.
You have the default blue background (1.33x) - can be replaced by setting a background. Drag and drop an image in the "compose" tab. You can then use that background image (SB images don't have to be in the SB folder) in the background layer to control when it's on/off.
nocolor.jpg (1.33x) - The default background is black when everything is turned off. You don't need this except for when you need a non-black background. That being said it's not terrible if you leave it there.
i1.jpg (1.33x) - nothing you can do here. It's the proper size. I would recommend using 1366x768 though from a high quality source at 98% jpg quality with progressive filters, no subsample rendering, and optimizing the huffman tables.
i2.jpg (1.33x) - Other than being ugly (see below) nothing you can do here.
i3.jpg (1.33x, 0x at time in screenshot though) - this has lots of transparency. Transparent pixels are still drawn by osu and contribute to SB load. Please make sure you move it into position and trim the excess transparency.
i4.jpg (1.33x) - See i3.jpg
i5.jpg (1.33x) - See i3.jpg

This image is ugly as sin. You should always work with the original image whenever possible.

Also, remember to check the SB rules: https://osu.ppy.sh/wiki/Ranking_Criteria

Storage size doesn't really matter as long as it's under 30 MB, for submission purposes, but the resolution does, so get those images under 1 megapixel at the most.
Thanks for this answer (:

First: I cant use recommened resolution since its looks weird and not fine on my monitor. I have a laptop with 16:9, but it seems that the battery is broken...

I have seen that im displaying images which are not visible since there under other images. I have alredy fixed that.
I have reed the thread, but not understand all of them... have to learn much ^^
Currently i have 4.69 at the position where i have 8.00 before.
For that i removed the unused image at this point and cropped images with transparency.

I tried to use background, but have some problems there O.o
Ive used the linked image and downscaled to used resolution and saved with 98% jpg quality progressive (as you said, but why 98%?). Using in SB works fine, but dragging into osu or selecting via option as background fail "image cant load, may be unreadable for osu". Image is linked here: http://puu.sh/hOtoq/aff61db918.jpg
Whats wrong with that image? (Now i see that all images cant used as Background image O.o

"While importing an error occured. This could mean that this image/video is unreadable for osu!" (translation from screen, may be incorrect O.o )

And i dont have found that image before, thanks for it (:

i3 - i5 are fixed in size, will be remade with better resolution image then (:

Ive reuploaded the beatmap package now on puush, would be nice if you could help again a bit (:

Thanks for help (:
You can use 1280:960 and it will look fine. Altermatively you can use something like windowed mode at 1270:950.

I recommend 98% because it takes up half the space of 100%. Optimize and Progressive are lossless compression, so they should always be checked.

Not sure why dragging into osu fails for you, that sounds like a bug. However you can always edit the osu or osb file to point to the correct file.
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