I need some tips for doing stacks

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I had trouble with that too when I started. Might be worth trying out singletapping and seeing if it in general comes more naturally to you. If you want to keep alternating or if it feels more natural to you, it's worth it to try to train this issue away now or you'll end up with some strange habits that will make things more difficult later. It's hard to give suggestions of good maps for it at your current level, but if you come across a map with stacks that you just barely can't play properly, retry it a bunch and really focus on your key presses when you get to the stacks.
Keep retrying those maps that are giving you trouble and experiment with the timing of your presses. Most stacks will have consistent spacing that follow the tempo of the song, like an extended triple. Learning to be accurate with triples and stacks now will make streaming (and eventually deathstreams) much easier for you later. So, practice. :D

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wow ty based uzzi <3
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Thanks for the great help and advice everyone ^_^ I'll do my best !

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The hardest part in that are the jumps between two stacks.
Also I'm don't think the OP meant streaming but stacking in general(can be with both 1/2 and 1/4 notes) but it might only be me. Anyway I don't think this is a probelm with alternating I think it is easier with distance between the notes because travelling just gives a kind of time measurement or something like that. Listening is the music instead of the focusing on the visuals is probably the best you can try.Maybe try hidden.

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Anyway I don't think this is a probelm with alternating
For a while after I started encountering stacks, I would singletap them if they were 1/2 despite alternating everything else. I later had issues with alternating certain patterns that were more horizontal than vertical and paired left-->right with x-->z or vice versa, despite still alternating. Alternating doesn't have to be the same thing as just slow streaming through an entire map and training away certain singletapping mindsets while alternating in a singletappy way can be difficult later on.
alternate good .
play moar
Play alot more.
It's hard, i still have hard time alternating some stacks or patterns.

https://osu.ppy.sh/b/295368 the start in this is hard might be good practice.
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