I need to know something about the level and thedifficulty

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[ Shiro]
Hi guys, i'm playong osu since 4/5 days and I'm almost lvl 20.
I'd like what map difficulty must be done at what level, i can do lvl 3 (hard map with difficulty and i can S the maps lvl 2 (Normal)
But I think i'm under the map i must do lvl 20
For you the level for hard map is which one ? And the lvl for S the hard maps ?
(Sorry for my english :/ Have a nice day :D)
drum drum
We go by star rating not by levels
Your level depends on your score

just clearing that up
play the game at your own pace
Play Airman [level 3]
-Makishima S-
Play more (ZenithPhatasm TM)

aisakatayga wrote:

Play more (ZenithPhatasm TM)
Try to FC (full combo) songs with good accuracy. If you can do it on normal maps -> pick harder maps. Always play the hardest map you can FC with good acc, but never play maps you can't even pass over and over again. After a long time of practice you will realize that there are hard songs that you can FC but can't FC at the moment. So just keep playing
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