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Illkryn wrote:

Disregard spinners, who cares about spin speed unless you're getting on SS top 50 leaderboards. Just spin fast enough to get a 300 on the spinner, I used to spin 350+ stable, but due to my lack of giving a fuck, I now spin much slower depending on how long the spinner is.

But if you must pursue the road of incognito, spin circles as small as possible, and make sure you are spinning circles, not ovals or whatever else shape you could spin.
Try spinning the other direction, see if it works
buy a better mouse

it work for me :\
Try not giving a fuck.
As a mouse player, my circles are actually ellipses. Thing is it's easier to spin horizontally/vertically depending on your cpi and grip

To spin faster, simply spin more
i usually spin ~300, too, it's enough to get 300s in most spinners and pass them when you are lazy enough to not spin all the way

use arms, not wrist would be my advice
Small circles

Adicf wrote:

buy a better mouse

it work for me :\
This and make sure its comfortable.
plant your wrist on the mousepad for stability

then you'll be able to grow weed like me

Noobsicle wrote:

then you'll be able to grow weed like me
Well, I spin the other way around, but still, for me it really helps if I click for spinning instead of press a key, because then I have a better feeling for the mouse and can spin faster. Keep in mind: you don't have to get a lot of points while spinning, clear the spinner and it's fine. More points aren't more PP, it's just for the score
As the master of seizure spin, wich is 450/477 with full screen mousespins i can honest tell that you dont need more then 325spins a minas long as it is stable near the center.
Spinning like i do on the whole screen is only a bad habit that makes me spin faster and win normal maps but wont ever get you past hard maps when you need better acc after spinning.
That being said spinning better useally is deafeated by mods or SS anyway so that 1k extra on a spin wich is only 300x(your combo)is not going to be worth it because you will 100 or even miss the note after the spin.
So im just going to say it again better 300/350 spins with steady circles around the center then a consistand 477 but you have no clue where your mouse is at.
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