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Cleared Request Today

[17VA]Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze any M4M 7k by frim
Requested : NM/M4M
Song title: VALLISTA
Song artist: sakuzyo
Key amount: 4K
Source: BMS
BPM: 180
Duration: 1:59 (1:47 drain)
Requested Difficulty: All >w<

thx before :)
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for all M4M request
can i have a ticket ?
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Cleared Request Today

[ExKagii-]sakuzyo - VALLISTA all M4M 4k

Requested : NM
Song title: I Am Only a Man
Song artist: Disasterpeace
Key amount: 5K|8K|9K
Source: Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
BPM: 160
Duration: 0:31
Requested Difficulty: All 5K diffs

thanks in advance
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sorry i must delayed any request
cuz my pc experience lag and i can't play or mod
Requested : NM
Song title:Haru Modoki
Song artist:Yanagi, Nagi
Key amount:4k
Source: やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続
Requested Difficulty:EZ,NM,HD
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my pc is normal again :)
i will be going to clear all M4M request

Cleared Request Today

[Rinzler]Nanahira - Songs Compilation Nyarathon M4M by frim
[DE-CADE]xi - Quietus Ray all M4M by frim
[Hydria]Helblinde - DEAD END [Nerfed version for ranked] M4M by frim

okay all done
Hi o.o

Requested : NM
Song title: Oriens
Song artist: ginkiha
Key amount: 4K
Source: BMS
BPM: 185, but 140 at the opening
Duration: 2:11
Requested Difficulty: all if you can .w.

Requested : NM
Song Title : Identity Part 5
Song Artist : SHK
Source : O2jam U
BPM : 140
Duration : 2.08
Requested Difficulty : NM , HD , MX (ALL)
Link :
Thanks ^_^
[B l a n k]
Please Mod :D
Artist: Nomizu Iori
Title: Black & White
Source: Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo
BPM: 192
Play Time: 01:26
Difficulties : EZ HD NM
4 Keys :D
Ryu Sei

Requested : NM
Song title: Nemesis
Song artist: M2U
Key amount: 4
Source: Pump It Up Prime
BPM: 160
Duration: 1'42"
Requested Difficulty: Easy ~ EX-Hard (edit: 3 diffs)

thank you
Requested : NM
Song Title : 3rd Eye In Breast (Rebuild)
Song Artist : Kobaryo
Source : Touhou
BPM : 208
Duration : 2:40
Requested Difficulty : 4K HD, 4K MX, 4K SC, 7K SHD
Link :
Thanks :)
Requested : NM
Song title: Imperishable Night 2006
Song artist: Yuuna Sasara feat. Tai no Kobone
Key amount: 5K 6K
BPM: 161
Duration: 02:08
Requested Difficulty: just to mod which diff you want to mod~

Thanks~ :)
To Frim can you mod my bm? :3

Requested : NM
Song title: Orange
Song artist: 7!!
Key amount: 7k
Source: shigatsu wa kimi no uso
BPM: 86
Duration: 1:21
Requested Difficulty: NM and HD please :3

thanks :D
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sorry for all requester.
but i must closed this Queue for a while.
cuz another modder is not avaible.
and my pc has broken i can't mod or even play.
my fps won't up it below 100fps
i'm trying to fix it but still not can't to ressolved it. :o
if anyone know how to fix it you can PM me

yay my pc has been repaired :)
but i still need to closed this quque
cuz i want to clear all old request

Please Keep Track on this post if you want to know when you can request again

[Nivrad00] Vospi - ReverenceDone By Frim
[Feerum] Halozy - Genryuu Kaiko Done By Frim
[[JeBlack_]] David Guetta - Titanium (feat. Sia) Rejected. Map still in WIP
[RuberusuScarlet] Senpi- - The First Part of Touhou EX Boss Rush !! Done By Frim
[AJIekceu]Aimer - Brave Shine (TV Size) Done By Frim
[jloughman14]Printemps - Pure Girls Project Rejected. Map still in

[[B l a n k]]KANA-BOON - Silhouette (TV Size) Done By Frim
[JamesHappy15]Disasterpeace - I Am Only a Man Done By Frim
[[B l a n k]Nomizu Iori - Black & White Done By Frim
[Verniy_Chan]LiSA - Rally Go RoundDone By Frim
[17VA]Supercell (Nagi) - Kimi no Shiranai monogatari =TV EDIT=Done By Frim
[Kazamastar11] Presti - Veritas Done By Frim
[arviejhay]Rodel Naval feat.Hatsune Miku - Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin Done By Frim
[Rivals_7]Plasmagica - Seishun Wa Nonstop (TV Size) Done By Frim[/color
[Z3nx]DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING - Ninja Sentai Kakuranger TEKINA Remix
[[Sc4v4ng3r]]Suzuki Konomi - Absolute Soul Done By Frim
[[nano]ShiroeNagi Yanagi - Haru Modoki Done By Frim
[aisyahumairah227!! - Orange (Anime Ver.) Done By Frim
[eINess]phatmans after school - Tsukiyomi Rejected. Map has been moved to Graveyard
[[ S a k u r a ]]Saori Hayami & Nao Touyama - Everyday worldDone By Frim
[Critical_Star]kamome sano - eclair au chocolat Done By Frim
[biemoteYuuna Sasara feat. Tai no Kobone - Imperishable Night 2006 Done by Mega
[RuberusuScarlet]Kufuo- - KHAMEN BREAK Done By Frim
[Jepetski]Remo-con - Vermilion Done By Frim
[Ryu SeiM2U - Nemesis Done By Frim

Old request:
[Harbyter]gmtn. (witch's slave) - furioso melodia furioso maratona NM 7k
[Starry-]Junk - Yellow Smile(bms edit) all NM 4k
[Kyousuke-ginkiha - Oriens all NM 4k
[akuma123Kobaryo - 3rd Eye In Breast (Rebuild) all NM 4k & 7k
[zZ_Natsu_ZzSHK - Identity Part 5 all NM 4k
wow is still busy working on NM :)
Done today
[biemote] Yuuna Sasara feat. Tai no Kobone - Imperishable Night 2006

Not really up for modding....
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MEGAtive wrote:

Done today
[biemote] Yuuna Sasara feat. Tai no Kobone - Imperishable Night 2006

Not really up for modding....

datang ga dijemput pulang ga dianter

tiba tiba nongol aja 8-)

Frim4503 wrote:


datang ga dijemput pulang ga dianter

tiba tiba nongol aja 8-)
isn't that the phrase that you use when you're referring to the mythical ghost 'kuntilanak' ? o(>﹏<)o
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