[invalid] Hide position in multiplayer when score table is hidden

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I mean your position that's shown in really huge text in the bottom right during multiplayer games

It's distracting when it constantly changes during a game and there's no way to turn it off.

I think it should disappear when you hide the score table using tab
i see where your coming from.

i mean, i have slight anxiety when it comes to seeing the combo, scores, and positions change; so its a hassle for me to full combo when i see stats fly across my screen

so, hiding the position as well when hiding the score table could be useful for people like me.

but i think this should be an option instead of being added to hiding both at the same time, so people who do like to see their positions can still have them
It's not even distracting. It blends in with the background anyway.

I don't support this since I like to be able to see what position I am in while having the scoreboard hidden. Implementing this would ruin this for me.
Rejected many times. See t/147966 for example.
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