Other rythym games?

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DDR, PIU, Stepmania, and idk if you've heard about it but MaiMai (I think the most recent version is MaiMai Orange Plus)
Paca Paca Passion by PRODUCE!, as well as its two sequels, are pretty fun. It's basically like DanceDanceRevolution, but you have to dance against CP-controlled dancers ala Bust A Groove, and failing/losing will give you a chance to continue. Just like in DJMAX TECHNIKA, a progress bar travels across the screen, making notes not move. You are forced to stop playing if the countdown in the danger zone reaches zero.

Unlike DanceDanceRevolution, a character has different charts, mainly corresponding to the instrument of the tracks. The four main characters are Coke: the blue-haired boy with the headphones, Miruka: The brunette girl with the sunglasses, Purika: The lady with the rabbit ear hairband, and Geroppa: A man-like robot with an afro. Geroppa has the hardest stepcharts ever made for the Paca Paca Passion series to date, and is usually the character for each of the tracks' hardest charts.
Arief Santosa
Guitar hero, Cytus, Tap A Jam, Ayodance i think :D
The rhythm games I have on my iPhone are: osu, cytus, deemo, reflec beat+, rhythm control 2, tone sphere, jukebeat
soundodger+ is a good thing
Super Dancer Online Extreme Malaysia.
Dancing mmo with game play similar to stepmania
Piano Tiles 2
Beat Mp3 as well

I'm a casual pleb
I've been into some app ones lately such as Rhythm Control and Cytus.
In Soviet Russia, IIDX DistorteD plays you!
Try Cytus :3

Rennie wrote:

Try Cytus :3
There is alot that I know of.

-Dance Party (US & EU)
-Love Live! School Idle Festival
-Osu! Droid < Actually is part of Osu!.
- Cytus
-BEAT MP3 (Android)

Thats all I know of,though there is some more somewhere,just can't top off the name.
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