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Numbers disappear even though no hidden?!

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I have a problem with a skin... As I said in the title,the default-numbers disappear although no Hidden is on. Normally, they would still be there until you click on the circle, but for me they disappear before, only the Hitcircle(/overlay) remains.
Could someone help me? What I have done wrong?

P.S. I think thats the wrong forum for threads like that, isn't it? If yes, could someone tell me where I can post next time threads like this? :D
Ask through here next time.
Try this:
skin.ini -> HitCircleOverlayAboveNumer: 0
You can also use HitCircleOverlayAboveNumber
The numbers are no longer part of the hitburst explosion (I mean the fadeout) in skins supporting version 2 and above, but still appear along the fadeout in version 1 skins.
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