TTommy's Modding Queue [STD] (NM Closed|M4M Closed)

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Hi, I'm looking to learn how to mod, and I think this is the best way to do so.

Note: I'm very new to modding, but I'll do my best! :)

I'm accepting just 2 NM and 2 M4M for now, and I'm only going to pick the songs I like.

I don't really have a distinct preference list yet, so throw whatever!

Completed beatmaps only please. English only.

Can't do over 4.8-star difficulty.

My map for M4M:
Helooo~ I'll be your first then.

Thanks in Advance :3
Hallo NM request

Megurine Luka
Since you said you're going to pick :3

Normal request and you can pass the Hard

Thank you!
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I'll take AsakuraNe's and Megurine Luka's.

@-TakoYaki-: When I open again and if I don't like the new songs posted, I'll do yours!

@Nhawak: I've seen some of these maps before from Maeglwin and I love the concept, but I don't think I'm ready to mod something like that.

NM Closed
Hi~! M4M open?
I'll mod your map later
or you can mod my map first and mention your map in your mod, I'm a forgetful person >.<
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I'll take yuriyuri's and hanyuu_nanodesu for M4M!

M4M Closed
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