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Problem Details:
Hey so i wondering when i was new to osu i didn't kno i could only change my username once and being being the dummy i am change my username from mitzee to Mitzee with a cap M. i was wonder if that even really counts as a username change and i was thinking about changing my username once again but i cant because i cap a letter. so i wondering if i can have at less one more name change?

Video or screenshot showing the problem: dont have one

osu! version: 20150401.2 (latest)
It does count, but since you could have had it done for free, you're still qualified for a "real" name change. Email accounts@ppy.sh if you ever want to use it, since you already spent your automatic one.
Oh okay well thanks for telling me i can ill do that when i come up with a good username c:
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