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i miss u, binggan
rip ends
y u no rayark games tag qwq

Gratz lol
我操 大哥啊
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Megurine Luka

Amamiya Yuko wrote:

我操 大哥啊
我操 星爷啊

Thanks all <3
Rixia Mao

lkx best BN confirmed
gratz, binggan
我操大哥 开不开slit iii和slit ooo啊
priti's ultra is good ;w;
Greetings, your map has to be taken away from the Qualified section.

  1. The offset is too early, +15 would work.


  1. Huge bunch of snapping issues across all the difficulties:
  2. 00:31:341 - Another, follow 1/6 on Extra.
  3. 00:32:068 - 1/6 snapping if +15 ms for offset; Extra, Hard
  4. 00:34:250 - Hard:
  5. 00:42:250 - Extra, Another, Hyper:
  6. 00:43:704 - Hyper, Hard, Standard:
  7. 01:18:795 - Hyper, Hard:
  8. Pictures are mostly taken from Extra, follow Extra's snapping as majority of the snapping is fine except those mentioned above.
  1. 00:32:613 - 00:38:795 - We wonder why these are empty. It's so hard to read the polarity.
  2. 01:21:523 (1,2,1,2) - You should get rid of the complete overlap of (1,1) as the first 01:21:523 (1) - doesn't disappear completely before the next 01:22:068 (1) - appears. Amend this gimmick to something like 00:40:068 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - .
  3. 01:25:159 (1,2,3) - The spacing here is quite confusing as well, as it's so similar.

  1. 00:33:704 - We wonder why this is empty, the synthesizer is strong here.
  2. 01:44:250 (4,1,2,3) - The transition is quite bad, something less choppy could improve the case with such solid rhythm support in the current background music, like filling in 01:44:432 - and 01:44:523 - with circles.

  1. Some usages of spacing are not appropriate, especially anti-jumps. A little more care are necessary to nerf the readability issues, e.g.:
    00:05:523 (2) -
    00:46:250 (8) -
    01:12:068 (1,2,3) - Consistent spacing is highly recommended as the current placement looks so untidy and unreadable.
    01:13:886 (5) -
  2. Moreover, the kiai is supposed to be the most intense part of the song. Hilariously, there aren't many jumps in the kiai but before the kiai, 01:02:613 - . Some more works are probably needed to handle the density issue (i.e. reverse the spacing density of kiai and that before the kiai):
    01:03:704 (6,7) -
    01:10:613 (3,4,5,6) -
    01:17:613 (3) -

  1. 00:21:159 (2,3,1) - Spacing looks really distorted, we don't expect they are of the same rhythm gap.

  1. 00:39:341 (1,2,3,1) - What's going on for this spacing, particularly 00:40:432 (3) - ? Just no, it's 1/1 rhythm afterwards.
  2. 01:03:341 (2,3) - 01:04:795 (4,1) - Why jumps?
  3. 01:46:523 (2,3) - We have problem understanding these, even higher diffs don't do blue tick rhythms here.
  4. 01:38:250 (2,1) - Stacking circles at the back of sliders aren't recommended.
  5. 01:47:704 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - Different types of stacks are used within a short period of time. Is that necessary? We think not as they are too confusing.
On behalf of the Team, I urge BNs taking good care of the map and good luck.

Rixia Mao

wait does that me i can shoot a star now?

take my star!!!1111
之後過了幾年 我依然懷念著我的腿
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Megurine Luka
Rixia Mao

Megurine Luka wrote:

一捞三天过去了 lol
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Megurine Luka

Rixia Mao wrote:

Megurine Luka wrote:

一捞三天过去了 lol
This needs some serious rhythm and spacing work x_x
A lot of the gimmicks are neat ideas but they cause lots of readability problems.
Lemme know if you want a mod
Lower difficulty mods are minimal, just the glaring issues

00:28:613 - Considering the spinner ends on the white tick, the player is going to want to press at 00:28:432 - . Consider starting the slider there instead.
00:39:341 (1,2,3,1) - This is a very messy stack and has bad spacing. Redo this part and clean it up some.
01:14:250 (1,2) - is different to 01:17:159 (1,2) - . These, and all the ones that happen after it should be the same beats.

00:21:159 (2,3,1) - Commit to the spacing change, don't keep it inconsistent like this. Move the (3) to x:188 y:356
01:15:068 (4,5) - Avoid overlap so there is no doubt that this is 1/2 spacing

Onto the actual mod

00:12:795 - Add whistle
00:16:523 (3,4,5,6,7,1) - Since this stream is so compressed it's rather difficult to count how many circles are there. It looks like both 5 and 6. The player is more likely to assume this has six. Why? Because the next slider has a new combo but starts on the blue tick.
What it looks like ->
What it actually is ->
There's a quite easy solution to this, simply replace the slider start with a circle. ->
That is a big enough hint for the player.
00:20:704 (6,7,8) - The spacing here is all messed up, there's no way the player is going to know to stream jump the 8. The spacing has already been established with 6 to 7, no point in breaking it now. Try this pattern instead. ->
00:26:250 (1,2,1) - You should seriously reconsider having a slider stream jump here.
Okay so this is going to be a wall of text, because this is really, really important.
This marks the beginning of the main section of the map. This is where the player is looking for hints on spacing, what streams look like, etc. Different maps handle spacing differently, so the player has to learn the rules as they go.
In this situation on this Hyper, they will see 00:26:250 (1,2) - and go, OH, this was a slider stream jump map all along! Okay! As soon as the song picks up the pace I'll start slider stream jumping! Then they hit 00:26:613 (2,1) - which completely contradicts what was just set up.
By this point the player no longer trusts you, and everything is a painful guessing game.
00:30:613 (3) - Point this downwards more. The bigger distance between it and (4) the better. ->
00:32:795 - Add new combo for readability. The 2 is quite close to the 3, and considering that the 1 and 2 are 1/3, the rhythm will be confusing unless you reset it with a combo.
00:38:886 (2) - Add new combo. It's such a huge antijump.
00:40:068 - Pressing here would feel better. Shorten the 1 and start the 2 here, adding a repeat to the 2. Something like this would work ->
00:40:795 (1) - This slider is bugged, it's supposed to end on the red tick. Ending on the blue tick would be terrible spacing.
00:44:795 (2) - Move this to the right so it isn't so close to the 1. ->
00:45:886 (7) - Consider adding new combo to make the spacing change more obvious.
01:05:523 (1,2) - This is a problem.
Ever since 00:26:250 (1,2,1) -, the map has had no further slider stream jumps that were 1/4.
In fact, it's had a lot of antijumps that are actually 1/2. 00:28:432 (4,5) - 00:29:886 (8,9) - 00:43:704 (6,7) - 00:46:613 (1,2) - 00:47:341 (3,4) - 01:02:613 (1,2) - 01:05:159 (3,1) - .
So by this point, the player has been conditioned to assume that, if the sliders aren't touching, it's either 1/2 or 1/3.
This should not be a stream jump.
01:08:432 - Add new combo for jump and spacing change.
01:13:523 (4) - Add new combo for spacing change.
01:14:250 - This section needs some work. First, the player is pressing their keyboard on 01:14:250 - and 01:14:523 - . These are strong beats! That feels good! So, logically, the player should continue pressing on those strong beats, at 01:14:795 - and 01:15:068 - , but no, those are now slider ends.
Redo this so the player is always pressing on that strong emphasis part. Something like this ->
01:15:250 (5,1) - Again, avoid these slider stream jumps. The player won't be expecting these. Shorten this a repeat (or two if you did the previous fix).
01:17:159 - Again redo this part for better keyboard pressing.
01:18:613 (1,2,3) - Player isn't going to be expecting these jumps!
01:20:068 - Again, redo this part
01:21:523 (1,2,3,4) - Not expected spacing
01:23:250 (2) - Move this down below the slider so the distance is bigger to the 3. ->
01:25:432 (7) - I recommend replacing this with a slider, then circle so the player presses on the last beat. ->
01:26:886 - Woah, what happened here? This shouldn't start on the blue tick. The "GO!" is far louder.
01:27:886 (5,6) - Misleading spacing.
01:28:341 (1,2) - Switch these new combos. Starting this sort of stream on a blue tick is awkward so it might as well be easier to read.
01:34:159 (5) - Shorten this a repeat to fix spacing.
01:35:341 (4) - Two circles would feel a lot better here.
01:38:068 (3) - Move this farther down so it's closet to the 4 and farther from the 2.
01:38:250 (4,5) - Ugly overlap on the next combo, you're better off pointing the 4 more upwards, then having the 5 be a blanket with the next slider. ->
01:38:250 (4) - Add new combo
01:38:704 (1) - Remove new combo
01:38:977 - Add new combo, these three combo changes will make this easier to read.
01:41:886 - Add new combo, keep it consistent.
01:42:613 - Remove new combo, keep it consistent.
01:43:341 (9) - Add new combo.
01:49:159 - This is a clustered mess of a finish. The 1 2 3 spacing is misleading, then it's hard to count the stacked streams, then it's overlapping the final combo... You really should redo this part entirely, less gimmicky, more readable and fun. It's the end of the map, this is no time for unfair combo breaks.

00:26:341 (1,1) - One of the most common readability problems is a circle on a blue tick after a spinner. These are notorious for messing people up for no reason. I recommend removing the circle entirely, it's a weak beat and having the first real part of the map start on a white tick feels way better.
00:31:341 - This slider is bugged? It is supposed to be a 1/3 repeat.
00:32:432 (2,3,4) - This kind of 3/4 beat spacing is really mean. To make this a bit easier to read, adding a new combo to the 4 would help a ton.
00:33:795 (5) - This is a real problem, because this 4 to 5 spacing is the same as 3 to 4. It's much too frustrating to read. I'd shove this and the next slider down farther, like really down there ->
01:23:250 (2) - This slider messes with the 1/2 slider motif you got going here. It's also a slider end on a really strong beat. I HIGHLY recommend shortening this, then replacing the end with a circle. ->
01:43:159 - Add circle! This transition is really weird without one!

00:26:977 (1,2) - Weird angle and movement, this is okay with sliders and compressed but this is a spaced out stream. For best playability, these would be at a sharper angle like this -> See how the middle of the 3 slider lines up with where those next circles are going
00:31:341 (5,1) - Switch these new combos. The part at 00:30:886 (2,3,4) - is hard enough to read, so if the 5 was a new combo instead, it'd be clear that they have to be hit before the next big beat.
00:31:341 (5) - Make the repeats at 00:31:401 - and 00:31:523 - quieter than the others
00:32:659 (1,2) - Switch new combos, the 1 has to be hit earlier than expected, so if it was a (5) it'd be more obvious when to hit it.
00:33:159 - Add new combo! The jump to here looks like it's a stream jump, but really it's 1/2 apart. A new combo will ease some confusion.
00:36:886 (3) - Move this farther down so the 2 to 3 doesn't look like a slider stream jump.
00:38:886 (1) - Remove new combo
01:04:068 (1) - Consider moving this farther away from the (2) so it's easier to read. 3/4 circle spacing is a risky thing, and it's very very easy to assume that it's going to be 1/1 or 1/2 (like it was in the previous combo)
01:18:795 - This is the first 1/6 circle stream in the map, but it's virtually impossible to read since it's so stacked. Make it less compressed so the player can count 4 circles. -> Do the same for the next two (although you can reduce the spacing as they go along if you want)
01:30:432 (5,6,7) - This is really weird to play. Usually sliders start on strong points of emphasis, like where the pitch of the song gets really high. In this case the instrument is high pitched where these sliders END, which is really awkward. I recommend redoing these 3 objects as something like this ->
01:33:341 - Again here, this feels really weird. Same as before.
01:38:523 (3,4) - I think if these were a bit higher spaced this part would feel more dramatic :O
01:44:068 (1,2) - Instead of this being slider circle, make it circle slider. Then add a new combo. ->
Rixia Mao
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