imaikiseta's NM, GD, M4M STD/Mania Queue [Open]

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Jesus christ this Queue was made 123456789 years ago and now I'm going to revive it again. I've cleared the request list so it'll be much easier to recognize.
I'm on 24/7. You won't see me mod until 13:00.

This queue is open for everyone. No limitation, unless the title says <Closed>
Keep in mind that my mods are a bit different. Instead of just pointing out mistakes bluntly, I sometimes point out why you need to change it, what interrupts it, etc. I focus more a lot on patterns. So if you randomly place sliders and circles everywhere, I will point out that you have to make a pattern out of it somehow. :v

NM - 7/6| GD - 0/2 | M4M - 1/3

Kudosu owned so far - 110

[General Rules]

  • ♣ Most maps I enjoy:
    -House, Future Bass, Chill/Chilltrap, Trap, Nu Disco, but no Dubstep please
    -Vocaloid, no Utahloid, just Vocaloid
    -Kpop (GOT7, BTS, Monsta X)
    -Krock and Jrock (Day6, One Ok Rock, My First Story)
    If none of your maps don't concern any of these, then there's an 80% chance I'll mod your map.
    ♣ Your beatmap has to have at least 2 diffs finished.
    ♣ Everything in your map must be set meaning:
    -at least 2 diffs finished
    -a proper background
    -Timing Point(s) on set
    ♣ I go in the order of shortest beatmap length to longest.
    ♣ Reply to my mod immediately after you're done updating with my mod.
    ♣ I do not mod marathons anymore.
    ♣ I'm only modding in English so you have to understand English.
    ♣ Please do not give me kudosu if my mod did not help you!
    ♣ If you prefer in-game modding, feel free to PM me if you see that I'm on.
    ♣ If I haven't modded your map yet, please know that I have a life outside of osu too.
    ♣ I mod only STD. Mania is for M4M so I'm sorry for the confusion! Once I get used to modding mania, maybe I'll add it to nm too.


  • ♣ I only mod finished diff(s). If I have time, I may give advice for unfinished diff(s).
    ♣ I can't mod any difficulty over 5 stars. 5.2 is ok but over is no. If it's around 5.5, you won't be able to get a chance of my mod so there's no point in making/letting me mod your 5.5 stars diff.


  • ♣ I will do GD for both STD and Mania.
    ♣ Song has to be under two minutes.
    ♣ Guaranteed GD for mania than for STD


  • Same as NM rules.
    ♣ I do M4M for STD but I have a Mania map. So if you can mod Mania and you have a Standard map that you want modded, then please do M4M with me. kek.
    ♣ Song has to be under three minutes.
    ♣ You mod first then I'll mod next.
    ♣ Please no half-assed mods or I'll do the same.
    My M4M map.

(NM, M4M, or GD?)
Song Title:
Diffs: (The diffs you want me to mod and the specific names if they have one)
Hello good luck with your new queue here you go your first NM request :)

hallo do you want testplay my map ?
Mania ofc
Title : 7!! - Orange
Diff : 3,EZ NM HD
Status : Pending
Link :
goodluck with new queue
Standard mod request desu
If you really don't want to mod a map which is over 5.5*, then please ignore my Overnight
Thanks in advance!
Requesting: Standard
Title: osterreich - Munou
Diffs: 3 diffs (Normal,Hard,Insane)
Status: Mod Requests
Thank you~
"Sugawara is BAE"
Requesting Standard
Link :
Diffs : 5 diffs (Normal, Hard, Insane, Extra, Universe)
Status : Pending

disregard universe diff since its 6.36stars
also the map is pretty long (i see you don't like anything longer than 2 mins) please just mod 1~2diffs and ill still me happy ouo

Nerova Riuz GX
Requesting? Standard.
Title: Shuuen no Claudia
Diffs: 4 diffs. Normal, Hyper, Another, and VerdeT DeS KriegeS
Status: Pending

Well you can ignore VerdeT DeS KriegeS diff cuz it's over 5.5 stars
it's only 1:50!

Requesting: STD
Title: [url]= - Canon Rock[/url]
Diffs: andrei7's Easy Alpaca's Normal HOS x j_a's Hard VINXIS's Insane Fxtra
Status: Pending

"Sugawara is BAE"
Requesting Standard
Title : Drawing
Link :
Diffs : 3 diffs (Normal, Hard, Insane)
Status : Pending

thank you! :):):)
Heloo~ :) Sugawara is BAE

Standard Mod Please~
Title : Akatsuki no Hana
Link :
Diffs : 3 diffs (Easy, Normal, Hard)
Status : Pending

Thanks in Advance :3
Standard Mod Please~
Title : Set Fire to Villages
Link :
Diffs : 2 diffs (Normal, Hard)
Status : Pending
1:15 drain

thx :D
Requesting: Standard
Title: Dancing stars on me! (TV Size)
Diffs: 3 (2 of them are finished: Easy and Insane)
Status: WIP

Sugawara is BAE
Requesting? Standard
Title: StarGazer
Diffs: 1 diff 5 mins. (marathon)
Status: 'Pending'

It's liquid DnB also :)
Mod please~

Requesting? Standard
Title: Asterisk - Ren-Chon no Drum and Bass
Diffs: 4
Status: Pending

Hi~ imai

Could I request for a Mod?

Requesting? Standard
Title: Glossy:MMM
Diffs: 5 diffs in total, (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane and Extra[5.44 star])
Status: Pending

Thank you!!

Requesting? Standard
Title: Long Days and Vague Clues
Diffs: 5
Status: Pending
Mod Please~~

Thank you.
Hi!! (´。• ᵕ •。`)ノ
Requesting?: STD
Title: Ikanaide
Diffs: 3 (Normal, Hard & INsane)
Status: Mod requests
Mod, GD, or testplaying?: Mod

Link: Meramipop - Bureibu.Gaaru
1 Diff marathon, 5:38 drain time pending
I'd like a NM thanks :)
Also disregard the storyboard, its wip
Requesting? Standard
Title: Fire (feat. Jinsil)
Diffs: 3 (normal, hard, hard+)
Status: Pending/Needs modding
Mod, GD, or testplaying? Mod

length is ~3 min, but I just need mod on 1 diff ("Fire")
Requesting: Standard
Title: BRADIO - Flyers (tv size)
Diffs: 3 diffs (Normal.Hard.Insane)
Status: Pending

Thanks! :)
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