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[centre]Hi. all. I am working on an approval-length song, and I would like to look for some other mappers to collab with. Here is the song!

  1. I would like you to have at least one ranked beatmap or guest difficulty. I'd like to have something to see if all of our mapping will work together.
  2. No custom hitsounds! We're going to do this with the hitsounds that are already in the game.
  3. This is going to be a pretty straightforward map. It's a 130 bpm four-on-the-floor dance song, so it'll fall under that Hard-Insane range.

I will also be creating a storyboard for this map as well. If this all seems cool and you're down to map, then let's have fun!

You can find the mapset here: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/300243
Hello, Moway :)

Could i please take parts 01:00:931 - 01:30:469 - 2 and 02:00:007 - 02:29:546 - 4?

Thanks ^_^
Closed. Collabers are set. Thanks for you offer, though!
Aww was i supposed to PM? :(
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