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D.Q. Angel
pantsu flashes are sexual and were always considered nsfw, its totally reasonable
Vuelo Eluko
well now that's its out in the open again:
[Hard] CS+1 OD+2 to ensure agricultural density is maintained.

Blue Dragon wrote:

  1. What's up with that unnecessary panty shot in the BG? Can't you find a more suitable BG for this map?

  1. 00:11:806 (10) - forgot a clap hitsound here?
  2. 00:12:663 (4) - ^
  3. 00:14:806 (1) - Why the NC?
  4. 00:20:806 (1,2,3) - Why is the spacing for strong beats lower than the spacing for red tick beats? If you're going for intensity-based mapping, then you're doing the opposite of what it should be.
  5. 00:38:806 (3,1,3,4,5) - aren't stacked properly
  6. 00:51:020 (6,7,8) - Why ignore the 1/4s?
  7. 00:51:985 (2,3) - I'm pretty sure this is overmapping.
  8. 00:55:413 (2,3) - ^
  9. 00:58:306 (4,1) - Why the anti-jump here? That makes no sense since the intensity is much higher in this beat.
  10. 01:04:735 (6,7,8) - Why ignore the 1/4s?
  11. 01:09:127 (2,3) - overmapping
  12. 01:09:663 (4,5,6,7) - not sure what you can do about this one and it's mostly personal preference, but the flow here seems pretty weird to play
  13. 01:31:842 (2,3) - overmapping
  14. 01:33:663 (5,6,7,8) - This flows extremely awkward..
  15. 01:33:877 (6,7,8) - 1/4s ignored again
  16. 01:35:806 (6) - I'd make this beat much more interesting by placing it at 190;286.
  17. 01:45:556 (2,3) - overmapping
  18. 01:47:592 (6,7,8) - 1/4s ignored again
  19. 01:54:449 (1,2,3) - I'm pretty sure the intensity doesn't change here to make such a big difference in spacing..
  20. 01:55:949 (x) - Why did you skip this beat? ... and apparently every other strong beat in this section? This feels so awkward to play, it's like you're making your own rhythm in the song and ignoring what the song has to offer.
  21. 02:23:377 (3,4,5) - flows really weirdly

there's probably more but this map DEFINITELY needs more work
-Makishima S-
Hello DarnessAngel,

Gratz for making another Koigokoro as pretty good map, i feel sad that it was DQ. My few personal feelings about your mapset:



Background is slightly NSFW.

CS Value
In my personal opinion after playing hard difficulty, changing CS value into 4 would be a great idea. I think DoubleTime players will not feel bad with this but additionaly, playing this nomod would make it more fun due better jump spread and better playground visibility (sorry if it sounds weird, hard to take this feeling properly from my heart ^^).

Additionaly Relaxing CS4 vs Hard CS3 following into Insane CS4 looks strange.

117's Normal

While playing it i had weird idea - i am missing something in circle flow to the music.

00:41:377 (1,2) - In this moment, placing 2 additional notes would fill in my opinion missing beats. What you think about this: ?
02:08:806 (1) - This one note is placed right when vocal starts and at same moment right before break time. In my opinion ending on slider before and leaving vocal without any notes fits better to this pattern.


00:29:806 (2,3,4,1) - Swapping 3 and 4 can create better flow in this pattern (example:

00:38:806 (2,3) - Insteed of slider 2 i could place 2 notes following to slider 3 (example:

00:49:306 (2,3,1,2,3,4) - Sliders 3,1,2,3 i could place in follow line (example: which makes it less complicated and created flow into next combo

01:43:092 (1,2,3,4,1) - What you think about making this pattern simple like example above?

02:35:377 (3,1,2,3,4) - Here is my idea or changing this pattern:

(3) - X:256, Y:320
(1) - X:192, Y:256
(2) - X:128, Y:192
(3) - X:192, Y:128
(4) - X:256, Y:192

Wish it will help you to polish diffs and rank up this map asap.

Good luck my friend!
inappropriate background? really? LOL better shield the children from the existance of underwear.

DarknessAngel should just replace the BG with a strike witches pantsu shot and say "they're not panties, so it's rankable" Kappa
Why do QAT's need to hide behind that profile? lmao no ballz kekeke
Honestly Idgaf about this particular bg but there are so many worse bgs ranked out there. If you truly want to make this game suitable for all ages (lol) then dq all those hundreds/thousands of NSFW maps too or stop making up new rules constantly.
I was under the impression that was a swimsuit; nevermind I guess.

Mazziv wrote:

Why do QAT's need to hide behind that profile? lmao no ballz kekeke
No one's "hiding" behind anything; it's long been a problem now that anytime a map was DQ'd, the QAT member who posted the disqualification notice would be treated as a scapegoat as if the entire takedown of the map was that person's decision alone, which it wasn't. Placing blame on someone for faults pointed out within a map when it's removed from Qualified is not the purpose of the posts, so to prevent abuse and such, a generalized QAT account was made to handle all DQ notices.
well its your problem if you cant ,,take the blame'' for it.
It's not an individual decision though, its not as if a single QAT member just decides to DQ a map. It's the quality assurance TEAM after all.

Sidenote: Can someone explain to me why qualified maps give PP? I'm feeling some of that post PP loss depression from this DQ

Mazziv wrote:

well its your problem if you cant ,,take the blame'' for it.
the point has been completely missed
please keep re-reading the post until you get it

Litharrale wrote:

Sidenote: Can someone explain to me why qualified maps give PP? I'm feeling some of that post PP loss depression from this DQ
1. no one would play them if they didn't give pp
2. would be kind of weird to 'activate' pp only after the map got ranked
can confirm i only play the osu g a m e solely for the pp
-Makishima S-
Cut useless QQ. Just took random QQer top ranks and saw full of DT farm.

You are helpless in this case, insteed of QQ you could actualy give usefull informations to help make this mapset ranked faster.

If you realy want your damn DT-#balanced-PP, help creator, not just QQ.
I wouldn't mind helping out with the issues pointed out by the QAT (and others that I can see in the map), so if you want to get it ranked that'd probably help a lot.

Quality Assurance Team wrote:

Disqualification Notice

Unsuitable Background
  • Due to visibility of the character’s underwear, we consider your background unsuitable for all age groups. Please change it.
Yet this is fine :D?

retarded weeabo logic gg
DNA: Do not link to the old BG, thanks.

Quality Assurance Team wrote:

we consider your background unsuitable for all age groups.

actual lol
but seriously tho, what happened to ringatings (spelling w/e) edited bg? you know the censor with the butterflies?
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