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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on samedi 4 avril 2015 at 05:31:40

Artist: raja
Title: the light
Tags: mbc8 snowflake emily richards ralf jacobsen winter remix ayu
BPM: 90
Filesize: 3657kb
Play Time: 02:08
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (2,98 stars, 296 notes)
  2. Insane (3,44 stars, 302 notes)
  3. Normal (2 stars, 154 notes)

Download: raja - the light
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


Winning entry of the MBC#8
Hard by Ayu

\:D/ First!
2nd hi
i'm first of firsty
this the winner?
is this the winning mapset? :o

Kibbleru wrote:

this the winner?

CSLM wrote:

is this the winning mapset? :o

It is \^3^/ (p/4012939)
Grats Damnae & Ayu
Dropping some nitpicks here.


  1. There is a little consistency problem between the Guest Difficulty and the other diffs, which normally wouldn't matter but shouldn't exist in a bundled mapset in my opinion. In the sections 00:58:474 to 01:01:474 and especially 02:07:807 to 02:08:141 - , the Hard follows piano and vocals, while Normal and Insane follow only vocals. The results are the following:
    In the first section mentioned, the rhythm in Hard is more dense than in Insane, since more instruments were followed.
    The last section causes the Hard to be slightly longer than the Normal and Insane difficulties.
    1. Therefore, I would recommend you to change the rhythm in the Hard to something similar to Insane's rhythm.
    2. If you don't want to change this, atleast end Hard's kiai at 02:08:141 as ending it earlier seems weird when the rhythm goes on.
  2. I would also recommend lowering the difficulty settings for Hard a little bit, since they are currently very close to Insane's settings and far from Normal's difficulty settings. I know that AR8 fits well for both Hard and Insane, but maybe Hard could use AR 7.5 to have a lower gap to Normal in that field? The HP drain could be lowered a bit too, to be different from Insane's HP drain.


  1. The following two suggestions are invalid if you decided to fix the thing I recommended in "General".
  2. 00:58:474 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - The circle / slider usage is weird here. Please decide to follow either the piano or the vocals with your sliders, to create a more sensical rhythm. Following the piano would conclude using a rhythm similar to this: http://puu.sh/gZ5La/57e1f857d8.jpg In this case, 01:03:141 (1,2) should be deleted as well. Following the vocals would conclude this rhythm: http://puu.sh/gZ5NT/3933d5ef35.jpg and keeping 01:03:141 (1,2) -
  3. 02:07:974 (4) - This note should be deleted, as there is no sound in the music at this point.


  1. 00:42:641 (7,1) - You sometimes use low spacing before the big white tick, which fits the double bass sound really well, and sometimes high spacing, which stresses the downbeat itself. Here I recommend you the second option, since the downbeat is the start of a new section in the song, so it should be stressed more by using higher spacing. Suggestion: http://puu.sh/gZ4sQ/76c4827c54.jpg
  2. 00:43:474 (3,4) - The jump between these particular objects seems a little too big.. It's bigger than your other jumps and 00:43:974 is not really an important note that would justify such a jump, even though it flows well. The only solution I can think about without moving many objects around would be this: http://puu.sh/gZ4Nr/07c6b5e999.jpg Stacking (4) underneath (3)'s tail and then using Ctrl+G on 00:44:141 (5) as shown in the screenshot would create a nice movement for 00:44:141 (5,6,7) too imo, but I am not sure if it fits with your style of flow.
  3. 01:45:141 (4,5,6,7,8) - This circle pattern as it is now feels a bit out of place here. The anitjump/jump movements it creates are kinda sharp and emphasize this pattern a lot, atleast more than most of your patterns used in the chorus and verses of this map do, but it is used in a section as calm as this one, where only the drum is playing. Maybe you could get rid of the jumps, and make a pattern with consistent spacing ~1.3-1.4?
  4. 01:46:474 (10,1) - A small (or bigger) jump could be used between these, to stress the beginning of the chorus more.

The Normal seemed flawless to me.
Overall, I would say we can qualify this after 4-5 mods, as the mapset is really professional and polished already.
Damnae please make a storyboard!
There won't be enough forum titles for Damnae \:D/
Ok. The main thing is the spread. The Density from Normal -> Hard is extremely high, with the note density being doubled. I'm going to assume the QAT are going to overlook this major issue though as it's way too big of a jump if you were to rank a normal mapset. I think Ayu's diff should be heavily nerfed in density, but I don't know if this will be needed since this is a MBC map. Maybe the QAT should look into this a bit first though before ranking. The maps are beautiful as standalone diffs, but it's a bit uneven as a package.
Normal ------------Hard=Insane <---- Density
Normal ----------Hard----Insane <--- Difficulty

First off you should get rid of some of those green lines in Normal since they don't really do much.

00:23:974 - 00:24:141 - and all similar ones can be removed without problems. The only ones you should leave are the ones you use reverses on like 00:42:641 -

For consistency purposes. I highly suggest mapping the Normal until 01:01:141 - The little bit of break included on Hard/Insane, is more than enough for Normal, or at least in my opinon.


Widescreen support can be removed as well.


The combo colors on Ayu's diff are pretty nice. Maybe consider changing Normal/Insane to them? The only thing that bugs me, is that during kiai, the reverse arrow is extremely hard to see on Ayu's diff when the green color shows up.


So I was looking up some info on this song and it led to this, the original.


This means you would add: snowflake to the tags. I think snowflake is the singer, when looking at the rest of her songs. http://ccmixter.org/people/snowflake | http://tunetrack.net/snowflake/pages/about/ Her real name is Emily Richards | Stuff like Winter would also be reasonable since this is a winter themed song. Remix is another fair tag. And of course, Ayu. raja's real name is Ralf Jacobsen

One more thing. This might need double-checking. I believe the artist name is just "raja" according to the website and myspace. I'll leave it up to the QATs to decide this. Just seems like raja was already taken...

Desperate-kun EDIT: Confirmed with ztrot and me. The Artist should be changed to simply "raja"

Honestly the only thing I noticed was some hitsound inconsistency with your insane. I'm guessing you wanted each diff to have a different feel to it. I'm gonna point out some sounds that would probably suit the song better if they were removed or changed. The stuff I want to leave alone is your asthetics, as much as possible since it gives a unique feel to the map. I personally like it.
  1. 00:32:141 (1) - I feel like the tail shouldn't be so close to (4) Perhaps you could send the tail off to the right so the 1/1 gap actually feels like a 1/1 gap, by not being so cluttered? If that makes sense: http://puu.sh/gZ5C3.jpg
  2. 00:56:474 - I don't see this whistle used in Ayu's or your Hard diff. Maybe remove it? It sounds a little out of place.
  3. See the top about mapping the break a little further.
  4. 01:25:141 (6) - just a whistle is probably good enough here.
  5. 01:53:141 (4) - whistle on head is missing. There's a soft sampleset on the head here as well. Not sure what your plan for this note is, but it's definitely missing something.
  6. 01:38:807 - Change volume to 20%
  7. 01:46:807 - soft finish like Insane?
  8. 02:05:474 (1) - missing soft addition?

[Ayu's Hard]
I still really heavily believe this diff should be nerfed a lot in Density. I still don't really feel much of a difference between this and insane imo. You could easily squeeze a difficulty between this Hard and Normal.

  1. 00:36:641 (6) - Just as an example to the nerfing if it's required. you could easily remove this note as there isn't any sound in the song here. If you must map to this, then it'd work as a slider end I guess.
  2. 00:58:474 (1,2) - Major issue here. The spacing from every single previous note is roughly the same length as well as the 1/2 gap between 00:58:474 (1,2) - This slowdown is way to unexpected. Personally you should stack it on 00:58:807 (2) - like Insane does so it gives off the 1/2 feeling. Reading by gaps will cause confusion otherweise. Also put the NC on the (2) and move the slow-down point to there.
  3. 01:04:974 (3) - feels a little forced, since you were using a lot of 1/2 gaps here. Same with 01:07:641 (4) - Honestly it would play and feel much better without these on the field.

to be honest, this diff is pretty much perfect. The only thing that feels odd to me is the covered 01:55:307 (2) - and such. This is actually pretty simple to play at 01:57:474 (1,2) - however, and I believe it's due to the finish being the problem, and the whistle being the savior. It gives off the feeling of 1/2 gaps here and I don't really think about the hidden notes under the ends. Maybe add whistles to the end of these? 01:54:807 (1) - 02:00:141 (1) - so there is some hint.

Sorry it's not much, I'm a bit worried about the gap from Normal->Ayu's Hard. Beautiful maps though. I can see why they won ;)


・add damnae ayu to tags? mbc8 too? as last renatus and evanescent had mbc in tags lol
・02:08:141 - i would also suggest ending the diffs here, as having the last circle on thse spot where that calm part start would provide something like.. fullness, more logical completion, like the last main note in the musical compositions, etc o͡͡͡͡͡͡╮(。>_<。)╭o͡͡͡͡͡͡ ᵑ৹


・00:25:807 - i would recommend adding a note here. nowhere else you have ignored that Boom in the diff and overall, cause of that, the whole short part 00:23:474 (5,1,2,3,4) - feels like it has too many 1/2 breaks. would be more natural to have a click on a timestamp i mentioned, so the part gets better rhythmically ;; maybe a kind of pattern like you have later here 00:48:807 (3,4,5,6) - would fit:


・hp5? its same as in- aaaactually desperate stole my catch, so yeah, i would recommend lowering the hp and ar, as mentioned in the previous modpost. it would provide a smaller gap between this and normal difficulty, smoother transition to the next diff
・02:07:807 (3,4) - the (4) circle is completely out of place and there is no sound, nothing what would fit for an object. ninjaed by desp as well
・everything else i wanted to mention has already been said


・01:46:474 (10,1) - more spacing before (1) to emphasize the downbeat and the main part of the song would be cool. you could move the whole 01:44:141 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - structure a bit the right to make it happen easier
・the diff is great as the Great Damnae greatly is but the only thing which kept bothering me was those 3 sections of overlaps. maybe its going to something personal from here, but 00:48:141 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2) - 01:05:474 (5,6,7,8,1,2) - 01:48:141 (5,7) - part are catching the eye with the first play, in first 2 cases you are continuously moving around the same corner and and third is just completely personal, as (7) could be moved to the left to form a blanket and therefore make the part neater. i would suggest to stack some of those objects instead
unless you are completely OK with the your stuff, for sure.

01:57:141 - bananana
I agree with Lanturn that the Hard's density should be toned down a bit. Try to include more 1/2-gaps that serve as little breaks for the players. I disagree that not a huge difference between Hard and Insane can be felt, as Insane is a lot more jumpy than Hard.
I also forgot to mention that the combo colors could be made consistent. Ayu's fit a lot better to the background, so I would recommend you to use them for all difficulties.

same as lanturn's comment (spead thingy)
u could use the same combo colours as insane for consistency butt i guess thats up to u.

  1. 00:58:474 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - i found this part rather weird. you ignored the piano beat and went with the (arguably weaker) vocals :X especially how u just omitted this 01:00:141 - completely (not even putting a slider over it or something)
  2. 01:36:974 (2) - this soft whistle felt a bit weird here, dunno what you're trying to emphasize with it
    01:38:474 - ^ but with the finish
  3. 01:49:974 - am i the only one who noticed that these sound slightly off lol. (slightly later than the blue tick). w/e it's probably fine

  1. 00:52:474 (1,2) - you can space this out a little more. like so maybe. to keep the jumps more consistent
  2. 01:47:807 (3,4) - nazi, why are these not copy pasted (not perfectly anyway)
  3. 02:07:974 (4) - i feel like just removing this wud be better

  1. fine i think

Lanturn wrote:

Grats Damnae & Ayu
Thanks \:D/

Kinshara wrote:

Damnae please make a storyboard!
Not likely if this map is supposed to be ranked this year :D

Only updated tags / artist / cleaned green lines in normal at the moment, looking at everything else now.
The Mappest.
I like the map design as-is so this is a hitsound mod only

00:21:807 - Remove whistle, too many hitsounds too early on.
00:25:141 - Remove whistle, sounds corny
00:30:474 - Remove whistle, these doubles man
00:41:141 - Keep this one, double whistle is good for the transition.
00:53:474 - Add normal finish for consistency or remove the finishes entirely
00:56:141 - Add normal finish for consistency or... you read this already
01:04:474 - Remove whistle, again too many hitsounds early on. It's coming off a break so it needs to ease in.
01:09:807 - Whistle here is odd. I recommend removing it.
01:13:141 (2) - Remove whistle, double corn double flavor corn flakes buy now
01:25:141 - Maximum corn, overdrive! Replace finish with whistle.
01:38:807 - Remove finish.
01:40:474 - This should be a soft clap, shouldn't it?
01:46:807 - Replace this finish with a soft finish, as the other difficulties do as part of the transition.
01:47:807 - Remove whistle, sounds weird. Less is more here.
01:49:474 - Add normal finish, pow pow
01:50:474 - Remove whistle, no time for corn flakes we got dramatic shit going down
01:53:141 - Add whistle so the slider doesn't feel so empty
01:54:474 - Add whistle for maximum drama for the next object
01:54:807 - Add normal finish to complete maximum drama
01:57:141 - Add whistle for drama 2 electric boogaloo
01:57:474 - The normal finish sequel is out, critics are raving
02:00:141 - Add normal finish, cmon
02:00:474 - Whistle too soon after a large hit, remove whistle
02:02:807 - Add normal finish BOOM
02:03:141 - Remove whistle BOOM
02:05:807 - Remove whistle as usual

02:08:141 (1) - Consider replacing with whistle so the ending is calmer. If so, also remove the whistle at 02:07:807 - for contrast.

00:46:141 (3) - Remove whistle, restricting whistles to blue ticks is a good idea here.
00:57:141 - Remove whistle
01:33:974 - Remove drum, make auto
01:36:974 (2) - Remove whistle, sounds really corny to have two in a row
01:38:474 - No reason to have a weird finishes section here, remove the finishes and make the volume normal again.
01:39:807 - Remove whistle, sounds better as only the endpoint
01:40:307 - Consider adding whistle to this endpoint
02:08:141 - Consider adding an object here with a whistle. A red tick works fine but it's a little awkward to end the map like that. If you do add an object here, remove the finish on the previous circle. If you don't add an object, replace the finish with a soft whistle like the Normal.

Kyubey wrote:

The Mappest.
tfw you forgot about difficulty settings all along
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