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Here are some tips and advices about streaming, jumping, casual gaming and ranking. Hope it helps some of you to get better in the long-run!

Skin used (HiguSkin 6.0): ...
Maps used for gameplay: ... aUMVa?dl=0

Tags for Streaming maps to search for: Eurobeat, Rin, Demetori, Dark PHOENiX, Renard, Core, dnb, nonstop remix
Tags for Jumping maps to search for: val0108, castles in the sky, caren_sk
Ingame alternate map search: bpm>=260
Higu's AR10 Collection: ... Gpo8a?dl=0

Jumping/Alternating maps mentioned in the video:
With a Dance Number
Talent Shredder
Scarlet Rose
Made of Fire
Gold Dust
Castles in the Sky
21st Century Digital Girl

Other good Jumping/Alternating maps:
LEAF XCEED Music Division - YuYu Metal
Saiya - Remote Control
Yoomiii - Rhythm Of Love
Hanatan - Airman ga Taosenai (SOUND HOLIC Ver.)
Hatsune Miku - Homework Crisis
MK feat. YURiE - Spiral
PinocchioP - Kusaregedou to Chocolate
Vuelo Eluko
b-but you arent top 1000 anymore :( id put you around 3000 now, the pp inflation has been ridiculous

made of fire is a terrifying map compared to the others there, im not too bad at spaced streams but that map is just unplayable for me

video wrote:

note that from 230 onwards it will be much harder and slower process.
quite. fucking. true. i feel a lot of people dont realize this and just start trying to go faster than they're able, they see that they don't outright fail on like some 250+ bpm hp6 stream and figure they can actually stream that bpm when they're really going a lot slower than they think.

also lol @ the DK getting trashcanned in stonecore

probably post this in G&R btw, poke a mod to move it for you instead of posting it again, or wait because it will probably happen anyway.
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