Changing default images = skinning?

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I'm working on a map and I want to change the font / hit effects / etc., is this considered skinning? I'm not exactly too clear on what skinning is ... does it affect the WHOLE GAME or just that one map? Also, how can I import the images into my map? Do I just import them from design mode or ...? Thanks for the help everyone >_<
You apply them to your map by dumping them in your map's folder. (File / Open Song Folder)

Any custom sounds or graphics would be considered skinning, imo.
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Ah okay, thanks for the help! :D

EDIT: Okay, new question: how can I make the cursor trail rotate with the way the mouse moves? I have a trail pointing to the right, but if I move the mouse up / down it still points to the right, is there a way I can make it point down when the mouse moves down?
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