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Dungeon Fighter has returned, this time without Nexon's involvement. Dungeon Fighter Online is an MMORPG that mashes beat-em-up and fighting game mechanics with an RPG. It also features pretty competitive PvP, for those interested. Neople has been hard at work translating a more updated version of the game for the last 9 months. They are having a 2 part open beta which begins in less than 9 hours from this post (at 09:00 UTC). This version will not be limited to USA only like last time, and will be available anywhere that does not already have its own version (Korea, China, Japan).

All data from nexon's servers could not be recovered, but players who played in the 'alpha' last year can log in through their facebook accounts. Only character levels will be retained from the alpha though, and all gold, gear, avatars, everything will be gone. That being said, progression through the game will be a completely new experience as the metastasis update is confirmed, meaning all level 1-55 dungeons have been replaced with new ones. Skill resets are confirmed to be free at all times.

Also, for those interested, I'm running my own guild, Halcyon. I'm on US East. My main character is a battlemage named Cyclone, so feel free to contact me.
i downloaded this and... i can't get into a channel.
They had some high priority issues that came up immediately after launching and had to take the server back down for a few hours. Now there are issues with logging in, which i can only assume is simply due to the ridiculously high amount of players on, as almost every single channel in the US East server is 1 step away from full.
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