Scarlet rose = Evil Start?

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I've kinda noticed that Scarlet rose has the most Cruel and punishing start ever (Unless you Hardrock it which makes it some what easier) But it seems to just eat you in da face. But the rest of the song seems to be a lot, simpler.
I've been playing it over and over again but seem to make the same mistake and I'm so confused on what I do wrong or how it works in general.
what's your point
you joined 5 months ago and you wonder why scarlet rose is hard
play songs you can actually do
You have barely over 1k pp. I couldn't get past the halfway point with over double your pp.

Like Panda said, play songs which are actually in your skill range.
Why is that all nubs inspire Scarlet Rose
oh wait look who's talking rip
Vuelo Eluko
the only hard part of scarlet rose is the retard jumps at the end that i cant reach with my area

Mofu kun
scarlet rose is hard
watch it in editor at slow speed, take note of how things are placed (shows you exactly how to tap) and you'll know what you are not doing right
Play more until you can read it properly, scarlet rose is mostly a map about reading, and you shouldn't even be playing it
because it's not nearly in your skill level yet. Just take your time learning the game instead of making posts about some specific noob trap maps on
the forums.
That's not rudeness that's honest and good advice
That's the joke.
E m i
half time :D
Vuelo Eluko

[ Momiji ] wrote:

ok i dont believe you on this one.
E m i
there are more 8-)
Well it is the hardest map in the game...

Mahoganytooth wrote:

That's not rudeness that's honest and good advice
pls I was making fun of modick
Scarlet Rose is the hardest map in the game tho.
Back then I'd always think Big Black was the hardest, until I realized there was something harder .w.
It's not an evil start nor an evil end. That part near the end though...
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