[invalid] Rampage of reports for bad reason

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Problem Details:
Zallius first started off reporting a friend of mine for saying an opinion (is included in screenshots)
Osu!NZ Community got wind of this, wanted to help Popcorn (our friend) appeal
Instead, we get 400 hours of apparently multi account using. Good stuff.
Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20150305 (latest)
if you don't be a dick you won't get fucked
Assuming that lmReprise didn't actually multiaccount (if he actually did then disregard this message), could you consider fixing the silence reason to "disruptive behaviour" instead of "multi-account creation/abuse"? It would be a shame for him to have an assumedly incorrect infraction on his record that could affect him in the future.

edit: I don't condone witch-hunting Zallius or whatever was going on but I feel like if simply sending an uneducated rude message is enough to warrant a 400 hour silence then something is wrong, but I guess my opinion doesn't really count for much anyway because I have no authority or anything

peppy wrote:

if you don't be a dick you won't get fucked
im literally dying right now.

but at the same time, whats the point of multi-account usage anyway?

to practice on one account and use the experience to get amazing scores on the other?

oh well, to each their own

Your "osu!NZ Community" needs to perform a reality check and take a dose of honesty.
Also, 2 of the 5 screenshots in the first post seem to be irrelevant, H Y D R A was silenced yesterday and not today, and the chat log one seems to be from not anyone in the osu!NZ community cause this thread was posted at 19:42 and the screenshot is from 19:59

Actually, the images should probably be removed entirely cause they contain personal information (name) of this person you were trying to help.
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