Natalia Kills - Wonderland (Nightcore)

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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Here's my mod for Standard, the link is just all the note realigned according to the grid level that you had set up, I did not change anything major at all in the map besides some small placements within the notes, the timing has not been touched in no way either. (Removed link since it didn't seem like you've used it) This mod is preferably used with the map given. If you do not want to use the realigned difficulty, the mod should still usable with the Standard difficulty that you made

00:09:730 (3,4) - Add a little space between 3 and 4 since the spacing between 1,2,3 may confuse the player.
00:10:599 (1,2,3) - 1 and 2 should be on the same level. 2's endslider should be directly above 3's beginning slider.
00:13:860 (6,1) - Place 1 a bit closer to 6 for equal distancing.
00:12:556 (1) - Move 1 down a bit below 2 since it doesn't seem to flow along as a half-circle
00:14:077 (1,2,3,4,5) - I think it would flow better like this.
00:16:686 (3,4) - Use distance snap to move 4 a bit closer to 3.
00:17:121 (4,5) - Move 5 directly above 4.
00:17:773 (1,2,3) - I think it's better if the 2 and 3 were moved to the right like this, 2 is also moved to the right more than 3
00:19:295 (5,6,7,8) - Move 5,6,7 sliders up a bit so that 8 can have equal spacing.
00:19:295 (5,6,7,8,1) - Move these sliders a bit to the right so that players can notice 1 more easily
00:21:686 (3,4,5) - Use snap distance 1.5x on 5 to move it a bit closer since distance between 3 and 4 is closer than 4 and 5.
00:24:512 (1,2,3) - 3 should be placed further away from 1 and 2 since it may confuse Standard players.
00:27:121 (2,1) - This should be changed but I'm not sure how to explain it. Cursor should not have to go the opposite direction to from note 1 to complete slider 2.
00:27:990 (1,2,3) - 3 be moved to X:176,Y:272 if you are looking to have equal distance between 1,2,3 although this may confuse the player more since if they are at the same distance, then they should be at the same timing but no, so I'd say find a way to give more distance between 2 and 3.
00:28:860 (4,5,6) - Move 6 to X:416,Y:32 to have a straight line between 4 and 5.
00:29:512 (6,1,1) - 1 should be moved to X:96,Y:48 to follow the distance that 6 and 1 is at.
00:30:382 (1,2) - 2 should be directly below 1 but if you decided against ^^^, then ignore this also.
00:30:382 (2,3,4) - I think you should use distance snap 1.6x on those 3 notes since it seems to flow better
00:31:251 (4,1,1,2,3) - I feel like 1,1,2,3 should be placed on the same level as 4 but this I'm not very sure about.
00:32:338 (2,3) - 3 should be moved closer to 2.
00:48:860 (1,2,3) - I feel that these notes should be moved back a bit to "Take Me to" and a slider be added for "Wonderland" .
00:55:164 (3,1,2) - 1 should be moved to be more between 3 and 2.
01:02:121 (1,2,3) - Moving 2 a bit more to the left will make the notes flow better.
01:04:730 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Add a back and forth slider so that the player doesn't have to single-tap all the notes.
01:06:251 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Maybe use distance snap 1.0x to bring to notes a bit closer together?
01:18:208 (1,2,3) - 2 should be closer to 1 and 3 because distancing may confuse the player.
01:24:512 (3,4,5) - 4 and 5 should be moved closer to 3 to keep the distance consistant.
01:25:817 (2,3,4,5) - You should distance snap these to 1.7 although I would personally suggest that you try fiddling around with lower distance snaps since these are a bit far for a Normal-Hard difficulty.
01:43:860 (1,2) - move 1 to X:112, Y:112 to keep the distancing equal.
02:29:947 (1,2) - I think it would be better like this. (link here when puush is back)
a few words for you

you should tone down on the standard seeing that its above a normal diff
same with Advanced, HII spread is unrankable, this is in the ranking criteria in the wiki snap kiai ends in all diffs Ai mod picks this up

use distance snap consistently! when I check AI mod I saw a bunch of things that are too far from each other.
lots of spacing issues all around so rhythm feels forced and your flow is off, in lower diffs you want to follow something that stays consistent like the vocal, and use New Combo (NC) consistently ever 2nd tall white tic is a good way to use it consistently.
you can use this to help you as well it has a bit of helpful info.
Like I said when I pm'ed you one of the best ways to get better at mapping is to map more and learn the editor, modding is another good way it helps you understand how other people map and gives you ideas to try yourself.
In Expert I noticed that you leave out some important things like 00:12:338 you should put a circle or a slider depending on what you want to follow, the strong beats are on white and red tics, using blue tics when making triplets or steams, a thing with streams is that they will be an odd number ex 3,5,7,9,11,13,15 and so on.

My last words would be that, look at maps you enjoy playing, look at them and see how they were mapped and get a feel for how the mapper did what they did, and the most important thing is have fun doing it.

I hope these word will be helpful to you
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Ok, I appreciate the mod but I'm going to give this a little time before I start reworking it, I figure since the problem is in my fundamentals I'll be better off if I do an entirely separate map first, then come back to it. Seeing the stars I've dedicated I won't abandon it, but I'll give it some time.
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