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Title says it all. Here is the format...

Story Title:
Anime Featured: Can be any anime. No crossovers.
Ship Featured: Please keep all characters in the ship from the anime in question.
Cute Picture: This is entirely optional. Keep the image in a spoiler box.
Summary: The basic plot. Put it in a spoiler box.

After that, post the entire one-shot in a spoiler box.

There! Post the stories to your heart's content! No ship-hating aloud! :)
This is just for fun, okay?

Story Title: Homura Plays Piano!
Anime Featured: Madoka Magica
Ship Featured: Homura x Madoka
Cute Picture:
In an alternate universe in which the main characters are just ordinary girls, Madoka and Homura are best friends. Homura has a gift for piano, so she plays a song for Madoka to show how much she loves her. <3
So, this story takes place in a parallel universe in which everyone is perfectly normal and magical girls and stuff don't exist. In one ordinary day, Homura and Madoka were on their way to school. You see, in this universe, Homura and Madoka have been best friends for a REALLY long time. Ever since they were children, actually. Homura has a natural gift for piano, and has been playing piano ever since she was 10. She's now 14, and has been practicing a song for a month and a half specifically for Madoka. Now that she has mastered the song (several times), she will be playing it for Madoka, her dear friend.

"I'm a little nervous about that science test today... I've never really been great at that subject."

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll do just fine. Remember all those 2-hour-long study sessions?"

"Yeah, I remember them."

"Good, because we'll have to remember all those notes and things to pass, y'know?"


Madoka is so adorable, isn't she?

"Hey Madoka, wanna come to my house after school for another study session?"

"Sure! I don't see why not!"

Homura smiled at that response. They then met up with their three best friends, Sayaka, Kyoko, and Mami on the way the school.

"Hey, Sayaka-chan, how about we go on another date after school?"

"Wouldn't it be wiser to have a study session instead?"

"Don't question me."

In this universe, Sayaka had a bad break-up with Kyousuke the previous year because he cheated on her for Hitomi. During that time, Sayaka got closer to Kyoko, and they eventually became girlfriend and girlfriend. Sayaka now accepts the fact that Kyousuke is an ungrateful jerk who doesn't care about anyone's feelings.

"Aww, you two are so cute when you have little arguments like these."

"What did you just say?"

"Guys, let's not fight with each other..."

"Agreed, let's not fight."

The fight quickly ended after that, and the 5 proceeded to the school as normal.

~Cut to After School Because Normal Life is Boring~

Madoka and Homura went to Homura's house for a study session, because an English test was coming up next week. Homura's parents were rich, so the house felt like a mansion.

After the study session... (Because nobody wants to read about 2-hour study sessions)

"Hey Madoka, before you go... I want to play a song for you."

"A song... For me?"

"Yes, a song for you."

Madoka had heard Homura's piano playing a few times before, but Homura never played a specific song just for her...

"...I'd love to hear it!"

"Alright, here goes..." (Le song. Yes, it's the opening to the anime.)

"Wow! Homura-chan, that was beautiful! How long did it take you to master this?"

"This particular song? A month and a half, give or take. The instrument itself took me 4 or 5 years."

"That's amazing! You should play more often!"

"I'm glad you like it."

"Not like, love!"

"Well, I'm glad you love it, then!"

"Oh, that reminds me. I... Have a confession to make."

"What is it, Madoka-chan? You can tell me anything."

"I... I love you..."


"I've been too shy to tell you, but after Sayaka and Kyoko ended up with a relationship together, and after some thought... I've decided to tell you."

"Madoka-chan... Honestly, I feel the same way about you."


"Yes, really. Undeniably."

"So... That means..."

"Yes, I love you."

Homura then kissed Madoka, and Madoka returned that kiss.

"I'm so glad! Well, I have to get going now. It's an hour before dinnertime..."

"I'm happy as well! You should get going now. See you at school!"

"Right! See you tomorrow!"

Back at home...

"So, how did the confession go?" Madoka's mother, Junko, asked.

"It went better than expected," which Madoka said with a smile.

~The End~
Mofu kun
i may end up doing this for something in angel beats

but i don't have the time right now
Hey can I write an erotic KanColle oneshot

because holy crap, that's what I'd do here
Darn.. I have a lot of "light novel" that I wrote when I'm bored or depressed.
But I'm too shy to share with anyone, feels like my english is not perfect. I wrote, I read, and fantasize about it alone. Who did the same, forever alones unite!
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Conflict wrote:

Darn.. I have a lot of "light novel" that I wrote when I'm bored or depressed.
But I'm too shy to share with anyone, feels like my english is not perfect. I wrote, I read, and fantasize about it alone. Who did the same, forever alones unite!
Actually, your English is pretty good. It's sad that people who don't have English as their native tongue can type English better than American youtube commenters. :P
I'll do one I guess....

Story Title: After the day
Anime featured: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Ship featured: Tatsuya x Shizuku

Haaaaaa. Can't find anything...
It is near the end of the gang's high school year in First High. Shizuku, having her feelings being held inside of her for a long time, finally
confesses to Tatsuya.
After the graduation ceremony....

Miyuki: Onii-Sama, I'll be going ahead with Honoka and the rest back to our house to celebrate first!

Tatsuya: Ok, I'll leave after I finish doing some stuff here.

Miyuki heads off with the rest of the gang back to their house. The sun is shining a bright yellow, to mark the end of a day and school. Tatsuya
walks to the school where he is confronted by Shizuku.

Shizuku: Tatsuya Kun.

Tatsuya: Oh hey, Shizuku.

Shizuku: Looks like its the end of high school. Now we all cross different paths from now on.

Tatsuya: What have you been planning to do after?

Shizuku: Going to University, I want to continue my studies, so that I can help my father in the future. I take that you will
head to the Military next?

Tatsuya: Most likely. Hey, do you want to head back together?

Shizuku's heart thumps a beat.

Shizuku: Y-Yes.

Tatsuya and Shizuku slowly walk back to his house. Shizuku, deeply troubled by her thoughts has started to show some signs of bursting.

Shizuku: Tatsuya kun. If you head to the military, I can no longer see you again.... Am I right?

Tatsuya: Yep. I made a promise that I would have to work for the military for the majority of my life.

Shizuku suddenly had a sad face. As they are walking, they come across a park.

Shizuku: *I need to say it. I don't want to lose, even against my friend Honoka.*

Tatsuya: Shizuku, are you alright? You've been having that face for a while.

Shizuku could no longer hold it. She had to say it.

Shizuku: I-I have something to ask you..

Tatsuya: Oh?

Tatsuya looked puzzled.

Shizuku: I-I-I-I-....

Suddenly she bursted out.


A moment of silence. Tatsuya looked stunned. After a minute, Tatsuya hugs Shizuku.


Tatsuya: I-I've loved you too. I couldn't say it in front of Miyuki and after I heard what you said, I couldn't take it anymore...

Shizuku begins to cry. After a long 3 years, she finally was able to say it in front of Tatsuya.

Tatsuya: Hey. You want to go somewhere else for a bit??


And so, Tatsuya and Shizuku headed off to the city to find a place to eat. Meanwhile at the house...

Miyuki: Onii-Sama.........
Please don't ridicule how much I suck at writing fanfictions....
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