toybot's mini queue [STD/CTB] [Open! ∞ M4M]

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Opening a queue, because I can (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Also, I'm pretty new to modding, so please forgive me ;;

Standard only, maybe CTB will be accepted
Check my last post
1 map per post
Under 6:00 pls
Preferred song category is Japanese, but I'll accept anything
If I don't like the song/map, I'll pass it but give you a ticket
I will choose which maps I want to mod, so keep posting even if there are more NM requests than what I said
Anything else is game.

Mod this map! EGOIST - Fallen (TV Edit) or Ujico&CLONE - XENO
Higher priority
I'll mod your map equally to how you modded my map
You can request any type of song
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Open, 3 NM slots
2 M4M slots, map is above
NM plz :3
thanks a lot~
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