how popular wil osu get :)

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Hey, no need to lock. I was just saying this is silly.
You're still the biggest silly (:

To come back to the topic, most games userbases grow exponentially until some sort of limit is reached. The exponential growth comes through the game being recommended through users, which attracts more users. Recommendations can be direct ("hey man, check out this game"), or indirect (putting videos up on YT, or drawing more traffic to the site thanks to search-engines favoring highly frequented sites over lower frequented ones).
So this is the one factor that changes progressively with the rise of the userbase.
These effects will keep snowballing until the target-group got exhausted.

The decline of userbases is also pretty interesting. Every userbase has a Half-life. Osu's userbase has a particularly high one, because in the early stages of playing, every user will experience quite a lot of frustration (being a noob sucks). And compared to other games, its not easy at all to get halfway decent plays in this game. The Half-life is therefore heavily skewed by all the people that quit within the first week or day of playing.

I don't have the feeling that osu hit it's limit as of yet. I think its actually far from it. And who knows whats possible if it moves away from the anime-theme and targets 12 year old one direction fans instead. It might just explode or something.
THANK GODS that even peppy decided that the kid has a few uncle issues in regard to locking threads seemingly on a whim.

I definitely agree with Railey here, though. Osu is far, far from hitting the cap - it's only begun to exploit marketing tricks and media as a way to draw more people in. This is nothing compared to what it could be.
If osu solely sticks to the anime-theme, it's potential is almost wasted compared to what it could be.
Promoting music of different kinds is absolutely essential for osu to continue growing. Sticking to the standard generic 1:20 long anime-opening is not beneficial, because it caps off the target-group a lot. Promoting different kinds of music will push the limit further away from where we are.

this has been a step in the right direction. What osu needs, is a set of easily accessible beatmap-packs, preferably organized by musical genre, to keep newbies from running away too fast. Maybe an ingame-notification, that sends them directly to a place where they can pick out their favorite kind of music, would do the trick.

More organization and less of this mess:
The thing is that peppy has said, even on his panel IIRC, that he doesn't want osu to grow much more. I think marketing osu or ideas to bring more players in is among the least of his concerns.
Nonsense. Popularity means income, and income means being able to afford a mansion, rather than living in a 20 square metre apartment with 2 cats.

Point is, peppy, like every human, craves money - nothing can take that desire away, and it just so happens that reeling 20 million people in pays off much better than 5 million.
Humans don't crave money by nature, but the things and experiences money enables them to get. Pepsi has something he enjoys doing and gets around doing it, so there isn't really an incentive to whore himself for more dollars.

I did sense sarcasm but that second paragraph made me confused...

Liiraye wrote:

The thing is that peppy has said, even on his panel IIRC, that he doesn't want osu to grow much more. I think marketing osu or ideas to bring more players in is among the least of his concerns.
in a sense that he's content, or in a sense that he'd take measures to stop osu from growing further? I can sort of understand the first one, even if it isn't what I'd want. But the second seems off to me.
Vuelo Eluko
We reached the point where it was too popular for its own good when konami dropped a turd on peppy's desk. He would have been satisfied with the playerbase being smaller and regular like it was back then because he was still getting enough money to make it worthwhile as a business venture but without the bullshit that comes with growing: remember, Peppy is ONE man, not a corporation. More work for him comes as osu! grows, and just because he's getting more money, doesn't mean he needs or wants it, he doesn't have shareholders that need to have their scrotums massaged constantly by seeing their stock value rise.

i'm sure peppy, as he is right now as a person, would not be willing to sell osu! to a corporate entity, but if the pressure builds enough from the growth of the game, and said corporation has more capital and manpower with which to run the game, he may be a very different person and more willing to cave to a large sum of money so he can just hand it off and live happily without it.

I believe osu! would take a sharp turn if this happened, most likely for the worst.

My personal hope is that this doesn't happen, and Peppy continues down the path he is now, fixing problems that have been there from the beginning very recently it seems, it really feels to me like hes preparing to make the game open source, which would be an amazing outcome.

Peppy, is it true? Is this your master plan?
you do have a point with Konami
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