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Adol Christin
when i firstly saw this avatar i thought Pho has changed his id. x)
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-vEa- wrote:

02:39:483 - This section should be mapped accordingly to the rythm guitar and not the slow drums. It kills the flow/excitement of playing and it loses the musical feeling and connection.
I believe the intentional was to build up the mood also providing a rest for players since there are no more breaks. Mapping it fully will make the difficulty more challenging than it already is.

Love is too busy with stuff so the taikos are transfered back to his own
2015-07-06 22:28 captin1: uh, there's this one section in normal where the hitsounds are kinda oddly inconsistent
2015-07-06 22:28 captin1: idk
2015-07-06 22:28 jonathanlfj: where
2015-07-06 22:28 captin1: 01:10:269 -
2015-07-06 22:28 captin1: more towards the end
2015-07-06 22:28 captin1: kinda random claps missing
2015-07-06 22:29 jonathanlfj: the claps in the music here is screwed up
2015-07-06 22:29 jonathanlfj: this is hitsound copied from insane
2015-07-06 22:29 captin1: yea figured
2015-07-06 22:29 captin1: feel like even if they are, doing it more consistent would just feel better
2015-07-06 22:30 jonathanlfj: let me see
2015-07-06 22:30 jonathanlfj: only in normal?
2015-07-06 22:30 jonathanlfj: cause insane covered all the claps so adding extras would sound really weird
2015-07-06 22:31 captin1: probably only in normal yea
2015-07-06 22:31 captin1: most just the nature of the diff skipping so many beats
2015-07-06 22:31 captin1: there's also the thing with hitsound copy, where 01:50:469 - has almost no claps except for the random times you do have a note on red tick
2015-07-06 22:32 captin1: i'd just get rid of them entirely so they don't stick out
2015-07-06 22:32 jonathanlfj: 01:17:469 (1) - i changed this to 1/2 to cover for the skipped clap
2015-07-06 22:32 jonathanlfj: im thinking of covering all the claps in the music here so it sounds better
2015-07-06 22:32 captin1: cool
2015-07-06 22:34 captin1: 02:47:469 (1,2) - you sure this is a good idea? lol i'd just come in on the phrase start
2015-07-06 22:37 jonathanlfj: there is a really strong finish there
2015-07-06 22:38 captin1: mmk
2015-07-06 22:38 captin1: lol 01:48:069 (1,2,3) - in advanced is like, pixels away from not overlapping
2015-07-06 22:39 jonathanlfj: gotcha
2015-07-06 22:40 captin1: yea same with 03:10:269 (1,2,3) -
2015-07-06 22:40 jonathanlfj: 1.01 spacing does the trick lol
2015-07-06 22:40 captin1: like the first time is fine and then gg
2015-07-06 22:40 jonathanlfj: fine tune without grid snap
2015-07-06 22:40 captin1: i don't use grid snap ever anymore
2015-07-06 22:40 captin1: lol
2015-07-06 22:41 captin1: gotta get them barely curved sliders
2015-07-06 22:41 jonathanlfj: lol
2015-07-06 22:42 jonathanlfj: dat 1.01x spacing
2015-07-06 22:42 captin1: ayy
2015-07-06 22:44 captin1: hm, not sure if rlc's got the same clap patterns as you during 01:10:269 -
2015-07-06 22:44 captin1: since you said they're irregular
2015-07-06 22:45 jonathanlfj: he added extra claps
2015-07-06 22:45 jonathanlfj: rlc does good additive hitsounding anyways
2015-07-06 22:45 captin1: yea
2015-07-06 22:45 jonathanlfj: no one is gonna play with defaults anyways
2015-07-06 22:45 captin1: yea this whistle stuff is pretty jizz
2015-07-06 22:46 jonathanlfj: ye
2015-07-06 22:47 captin1: maybe a bit worried about 04:09:219 (1) - being called too far off from center for being so close to spinner end
2015-07-06 22:47 captin1: could catch people off guard
2015-07-06 22:48 captin1: easy thing to fix tho
2015-07-06 22:48 jonathanlfj: i can turn an angle for him
2015-07-06 22:48 jonathanlfj: he told me i can make minor changes to the map
2015-07-06 22:48 captin1: yea figured
2015-07-06 22:49 captin1: since he's all busy chinaing
2015-07-06 22:49 jonathanlfj: ye
2015-07-06 22:49 captin1: man idk if i even wanna bother with top two diffs i know they're fine
2015-07-06 22:50 captin1: already played them through a few times
2015-07-06 22:50 captin1: lmao
2015-07-06 22:50 jonathanlfj: how close to the center do you want it to be
2015-07-06 22:50 captin1: i'd say go for like, halving the distance it is atm
2015-07-06 22:54 jonathanlfj: do you think this is fine
2015-07-06 22:54 jonathanlfj: im trying not to touch the pattern
2015-07-06 22:54 captin1: yea
2015-07-06 22:58 captin1: update whenever i'm gud
2015-07-06 23:00 jonathanlfj: oh ok
2015-07-06 23:00 jonathanlfj: let me run though aibat once more
2015-07-06 23:00 captin1: mmk
2015-07-06 23:00 jonathanlfj: alright i updated
2015-07-06 23:02 jonathanlfj: i changed advanced AR from 5.7 to 5.8
2015-07-06 23:02 jonathanlfj: xD
2015-07-06 23:03 captin1: lel
2015-07-06 23:03 jonathanlfj: what do you think of the spread
2015-07-06 23:04 captin1: good enough
2015-07-06 23:04 jonathanlfj: this is a prime example of how star rating is not a good measure of difficulty
2015-07-06 23:04 captin1: yep
2015-07-06 23:04 jonathanlfj: like hard to lunatic gap is relatively large compared to the star rating difference
2015-07-06 23:05 captin1: oh uh
2015-07-06 23:05 captin1: i think you can probably ditch the taiko hitsound
2015-07-06 23:05 captin1: lol
2015-07-06 23:05 jonathanlfj: oh yeah
2015-07-06 23:06 jonathanlfj: done

Jonny so pro =w=

  1. 00:32:469 (2) - I'll probably won't stack this note as players must confuse it with a 1/2 tick note. Try unstacking it o3o.
  2. 00:34:569 (1) - ...and maybe stack the slider end with start of 00:33:069 (5)? Probably too nazi, but it does creates a nice triangular pattern when you highlight 00:33:969 (3,4,1) o3o.
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fixed everything uguu
We fixed some combo inconstitencies and add 2|4 claps on 1st kiai section via Extra Collab difficulty. I also did a background check on the mapset. Map qualified~

21:24 BeatofIke: Jonny so pro =w=
21:24 jonathanlfj: tyty
21:24 BeatofIke: Anyways, posted!
21:25 jonathanlfj: <3
21:25 BeatofIke: 2pro4me www
21:25 jonathanlfj: ok i will fix it in like 10 min
21:25 jonathanlfj: finishing up a collab right now
21:26 BeatofIke: are you streaming it? :o
21:27 BeatofIke: Oh nevermind XD
21:27 BeatofIke: lol
21:27 jonathanlfj: no xD
21:36 jonathanlfj: alright updated
21:37 jonathanlfj: make sure i didnt accidentally unsnap something i only changed lunatic
21:37 BeatofIke: I already triple-checked that, but okay :3
21:37 jonathanlfj: xD
21:39 BeatofIke: btw, I didn't check extra diff yet o3o
21:40 BeatofIke: Only Lunatic and the lower diffs www
21:40 jonathanlfj: well extra is like 2012 style mapping
21:40 jonathanlfj: which is why i asked someone like you who has had experience with old maps lol
21:40 BeatofIke: XD
21:44 jonathanlfj: for extra 01:38:319 (8) - im gonna add a NC here
21:44 jonathanlfj: 01:34:719 (6) - and here
21:44 BeatofIke: okay :)
21:46 BeatofIke: 00:34:569 (5) - maybe add NC here too o.o
21:47 jonathanlfj: yes
21:47 jonathanlfj: silly happy30
21:47 jonathanlfj: 03:40:269 (3) - added one here as well
21:47 BeatofIke: hehe
21:48 jonathanlfj: do you think i should add claps in the first kiai too?
21:48 jonathanlfj: happy30 completely skipped it i think it was intentional
21:48 jonathanlfj: to emphasize the whistles
21:49 BeatofIke: let's see...
21:52 BeatofIke: yeah
21:52 jonathanlfj: as in i should add it?
21:52 BeatofIke: although the guitar sound more prominent in this case
21:52 jonathanlfj: ok i will add it then
21:52 BeatofIke: and yes
21:54 jonathanlfj: ok i added all of them
21:55 BeatofIke: that was fast lol
21:55 jonathanlfj: just all the 2nd and 4th beat
21:55 jonathanlfj: not that hard xD
21:56 BeatofIke: cool XD
22:01 BeatofIke: 03:14:319 (4,1) - dat jump XD
22:02 jonathanlfj: the natteke troll
22:02 jonathanlfj: that part is actually suprisingly easy to hit
22:02 BeatofIke: lolol
22:28 BeatofIke: Okay, I give up XD
22:28 BeatofIke: don't have any suggestions lol
22:30 jonathanlfj: ww should i update?
22:30 BeatofIke: sure lol
22:31 jonathanlfj: done
22:32 BeatofIke: okay, re-checking...
22:33 BeatofIke: the NC are there at least ww
22:34 BeatofIke: and the 2|4 claps are there in 1st kiai
22:34 jonathanlfj: yee
22:35 BeatofIke: unsnapped notes
22:35 jonathanlfj: i got this
22:35 BeatofIke: I guess I'll re-check the combos and that would be it. :3
22:36 jonathanlfj: nicee
22:39 BeatofIke: all good!!
22:40 jonathanlfj: wwww
22:57 BeatofIke: Okay, I went the extra mile and spotted no wrongly snapped notes on sight.
22:58 jonathanlfj: wow best BN 2015
22:58 jonathanlfj: i just yolo rank stuff these days
22:58 BeatofIke: before I rank, are there any more changes you would like to make? :)
22:59 BeatofIke: and lol
22:59 jonathanlfj: i think im good
22:59 jonathanlfj: check the folder one more time
22:59 jonathanlfj: last time there was a dangling hitsound in there
22:59 BeatofIke: alrightly :)
23:00 BeatofIke: I should re-download mapset just to make sure brb
23:01 jonathanlfj: ye
23:02 BeatofIke: no missing hitsound here
23:02 BeatofIke: or unused
23:03 BeatofIke: also, no delays spotted
23:03 BeatofIke: and they all wav files
23:03 jonathanlfj: thats good
23:04 BeatofIke: and of course, the mp3 quality is spot on
23:05 jonathanlfj: i encoded it from a 320kbps source
23:05 jonathanlfj: happy30 originally had a vbr one but the bitrate was 193
23:05 jonathanlfj: and people were flipping sht over it lol
23:06 BeatofIke: haha
23:06 BeatofIke: by +1 XD
23:06 jonathanlfj: yeah
23:06 BeatofIke: anyways, I guess I'll quality if you are sasitfied
23:07 jonathanlfj: yep all yours <3
23:07 BeatofIke: cool
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Congratulations, Jonny!
yeah nice
Adol Christin
Yes it's coming!!!
Congrats!! :D
Choo choo
congratz on your completed life!! :)

Trust wrote:

absolute cock explosion
Kuo Kyoka
omg finally <3 congrats
congratulations <3 o(≧v≦)o~~
im gonna have an orgasm listening to that electric guitar
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