Omoi - Snow Drive

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Beautiful mapping
how about "someone" with 96.46% acc on challenger ^^

cause idk if i am allowed to link things, its youtube

hope this map gets ranked some time : )
trying to half time it somehow

epic mapping, gambatte
This map is art 8-)
almost sure challenger is impossible without no fail

but great map man
this map is AMAZING only reason its not ranked is probably cause the ''casuals'' say its too hard i cant beat it either but i would love to see this map getting ranked
Yeah, i think it is one of the best 7+ stars diffs ever and it deserves rank, even if 95% of osu! couldn't beat this without NF. Every star diff should be rankable if it is mapped well, maybe 9+ not but it's discussable.
Snow Drive difficulty is great, not sure about challenger, its almost the same?

Maybe make more difficulties so we could get this ranked more easily?
Xin Loi
Pls ignore this, i wrote something that i didnt understand
nice beatmap
Grim Rapper

RMX Soul wrote:

i love the map..i am training hard so i can do maps like that but its hard to get higher than 4 or 4.5 stars :/
AND i cri evrytiem:
i want the translated lyrics for this song but i cannot find it anywhere in the whole internet q.q is there anyone who could help me?
thx a lot already :3
Turn the Subtitle on for translation sorry if I late

This is Masterpiece
remove this impossible part and slow some deathstreams on challenger difficulty and it can be ranked

Rabbit's Jumping Style is really cool gj
ty :)
How Is This Not Ranked?

NaTeRiZen wrote:

How Is This Not Ranked?
rank pls
Full Tablet
You should probably change the title of the map to (title taken from the artist's blog: )
Unicode: スノウドライヴ(01.23)
ASCII: Snow Drive (01.23)

Since this is a remake of a previous song (スノウドライヴ)
Great beatmap. Should be ranked !!!! Definitelly! Great job!
Awesome map
[ Madeline ]
This map shows the need of special ranking criteria for "ultra" diff maps.
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