Thymeka - Love Is War (Italian Version)

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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Spicy Salsa
On a more serious note, here's your chat log if you want to continue looking over my suggestions later:

16:57 Spicy Salsa: oi one question
16:57 Spicy Salsa: on your map
16:57 Spicy Salsa: 01:52:247 (8) - what the hell is this
16:59 Spicy Salsa: Alrighty, I'm gonna go ahead and officially start this IRC mod session because I don't really have time afterwards
16:59 Spicy Salsa: First off
17:00 Spicy Salsa: all those passages with delayed slider ends need to be 1/8
17:00 Spicy Salsa: otherwise it looks weird, feels weird and sounds weird
17:00 Spicy Salsa: at least that's my opinion
17:00 Spicy Salsa: 00:11:961 (3,4) - this for example
17:00 Nerodae: cuz yolo
17:01 Spicy Salsa: Doesn't really sound like the song
17:01 Nerodae: 01:52:247 (8) -
17:01 Nerodae: I agree!
17:01 Spicy Salsa: 1/8 would
17:03 Spicy Salsa: 00:18:133 (1) - this would fit better at the snare hit rather than the end of the vocals
17:03 Spicy Salsa: because the vocal's ends are rather vague
17:03 Spicy Salsa: and it just didn't feel right
17:07 Spicy Salsa: 00:13:676 (3,4) - I'd make those overlap because it looks nicer and those spaced solutions only work for faster maps imo
17:07 Spicy Salsa: Like this for example
17:08 Spicy Salsa: 00:21:647 (8) -
17:08 Spicy Salsa: 00:32:704 (4,5) -
17:08 Spicy Salsa: those sliders actually don't really feel good to play and although that's kinda embedded in your mapping style
17:09 Spicy Salsa: I'd consider changing them to something more familiar to most people
17:09 Spicy Salsa: It's your decision though if you'd like to keep them
17:11 Spicy Salsa: 00:36:647 (3,4) - I don't know if that's on purpose but try actually lining those two up like the sliders before and after them
17:11 Spicy Salsa: to make it look better and play easier
17:12 Spicy Salsa: You can just copy and paste one of the sliders before and after, place a hitcircle on the beginning and end and then delete the slider
17:12 Spicy Salsa: and if needed, move the hitcircles on the timeline until they fit
17:13 Spicy Salsa: 00:40:418 (2) - Not really something exceptionally weird, it just looks kinda awkward if you do a whole lot of bent sliders and then add one straight slider
17:14 Spicy Salsa: This slider feels like it continues too far into the break, but that's probably just because of the hitsounds volume...
17:15 Spicy Salsa: I'd make an inheriting point in the middle of the slider and turn down the hitsound volume, so that you hear the beginning, but don't hear the end (or barely hear it), making it seem less disturbing to the break.
17:17 Spicy Salsa: 00:57:561 (4,1) - Those two feel weird, that's probably because they are so close and almost parallel to each other. Consider a different solution with one of them in a different angle than the other one
17:18 Spicy Salsa: consider something like this.
17:19 Spicy Salsa: 00:59:961 (1,2,3) - again, a little too spaced for a slow part, that's your decision though. And again, 01:00:304 (2,3) - are almost parallel
17:20 Spicy Salsa: 01:14:190 (5) - I feel like this needs to be a little more spaced to 01:14:018 (4) - since it's following a long part of higher spaced hitcircles and sliders
17:21 Spicy Salsa: 01:17:790 (3,4,5) - There isn't really a musical element that suggests a triplet, consider changing it
17:22 Spicy Salsa: 01:19:847 (4,5) - feels a bit weird, consider changing 01:20:361 (5) - location
17:23 Spicy Salsa: Try this: Blanket 01:20:361 (5) - with the beginning of 01:20:533 (6) -
17:24 Spicy Salsa: Just after this, place 01:21:047 (7) - where the beginning of 01:19:847 (4) - was to get a nicer flow
17:25 Spicy Salsa: Should look like this: for the first blanket
17:25 Spicy Salsa: for the second blanket
17:28 Spicy Salsa: 01:32:533 (3,4,5) - Remember what I told you about lining up followpoins and the direction of sliders to create a nice flow? Please try to apply this here
17:28 Spicy Salsa: as you can see, it's way off:
17:28 Spicy Salsa: 01:35:961 (4,5) - Again, spacing in between delayed sliders
17:31 Spicy Salsa: 01:36:990 (1) - This can just be my opinion, but try moving the second last sliderpoint up for a nicer shape, this bent second part doesn't really look too symmetrical and appealing to the first part of the slider
17:31 Spicy Salsa: Somewhat like this:
17:32 Spicy Salsa: Then you just need to move those 01:38:533 (2,3,4,5) - so that they fit again with the end of the slider
17:32 Spicy Salsa: The transition between 01:39:047 (5,1) - would look better too if you do that
17:33 Spicy Salsa: 01:39:047 (5) - Again, this slider goes a tad too long into the break, consider muting the hitsound with said technique from before or just shorten it
17:34 Spicy Salsa: Never mind, shortening isn't actually going to help. Either you make it as long as the break or you just delete it
17:34 Spicy Salsa: This could actually work though
17:36 Spicy Salsa: 01:48:304 (5,1) - Again, almost parallel and as said, this looks somewhat weird
17:36 Spicy Salsa: It's up to you, but if you'd like to change it try something like this
17:37 Spicy Salsa: 01:51:904 (6) - Feels weird, try to make a jump out of this hitcircle
17:37 Spicy Salsa: 01:52:247 (8) - Sorry for mentioning again, but this is bothering me so much
17:38 Nerodae: what if I make it a single tap
17:40 Spicy Salsa: Alright, either you follow through and fill the whole section between 1:52:076 and 1:52:761 or you just stop at 01:51:904 (6) -
17:40 Spicy Salsa: Otherwise it'd sound weird, stopping in the middle of a motion when the corresponding musical part hasn't ended
17:41 Spicy Salsa: That's like a spinner ending suddenly while the singing or the background is still rolling
17:41 Spicy Salsa: 01:55:504 (9) - Love the shape
17:41 Spicy Salsa: Keep this
17:42 Spicy Salsa: 02:03:733 (1) - Don't love the shape, either keep it or change it as the same slider from before that had this exact shaoe
17:42 Spicy Salsa: shape*
17:42 Nerodae: that is
17:42 Nerodae: the
17:42 Nerodae: same
17:42 Nerodae: slider
17:42 Nerodae: D:
17:42 Spicy Salsa: yeah
17:42 Nerodae: I just flipped it
17:43 Nerodae: unless you want me to unflip it
17:43 Spicy Salsa: Nah, you can keep the same slider
17:43 Spicy Salsa: I just didn't like the shape
17:43 Spicy Salsa: like I said before
17:43 Nerodae: rip ;w;
17:44 Spicy Salsa: see, it could just be me
17:44 Spicy Salsa: but the only thing I don't like
17:44 Spicy Salsa: is the end
17:44 Spicy Salsa:
17:44 Nerodae: but its makes a nice curved V
17:44 Nerodae: D:
17:44 *Nerodae dies
17:44 Spicy Salsa: Yeah, keep the V
17:45 Spicy Salsa: Just don't bend it too far
17:45 Nerodae:
17:45 Spicy Salsa: like this
17:45 Spicy Salsa:
17:45 Nerodae: what about dat
17:45 Spicy Salsa: exactly
17:45 Nerodae: oh
17:45 Spicy Salsa: yeah
17:45 Nerodae: nvm
17:45 Nerodae: oh
17:45 Nerodae: ok
17:45 Nerodae: cool
17:47 Spicy Salsa: 02:24:304 (9) - This slider doesn't really match the music when you repeat it, either make it one big slider or mute the hitsound like I've shown you before
17:47 Spicy Salsa: 02:33:047 (1,2) - Followpoint and slider direction doesn't match, consider moving the slider or rotating it for a better flow
17:48 Spicy Salsa: Alrighty, that'd be it so far
17:48 Spicy Salsa: If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me
17:49 Spicy Salsa: I'm going to post this log on forums if you accidentally close the tab or don't have time to look at all suggestions and please give me feedback on what you changed and how you liked my suggestions
17:49 Spicy Salsa: As always, keep in mind that those are all only suggestions, if you don't really agree with something I said, you can always keep it the same as some suggestions were based entirely on my point of view.
17:50 Spicy Salsa: Good luck with any further mapping <3

"please give me feedback on what you changed and how you liked my suggestions"

Adios :oops: /
Hi from my modding queue

[Spicy's Extra]
00:20:190 (3,4,1) - This three are too fast for people to see and react
00:27:390 (6,3) - better stack
00:29:104 (1,1) - ^^^
00:37:676 (3,3) - ^^^
00:40:076 (1,3) - ^^^
02:46:247 (5,6) - I don't recommend overlapping here
02:58:247 (1,2) - the flow is wrong, making people feels hard to reach
02:59:961 (3) - Too many points

Nice map :O Good luck
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